Sunday, August 21, 2011


“Hey! Shriya. This is Jagadish. I was trying to call you from past one week. What happened? Why you didn’t answer my calls and why no responses to my sms’s”
“Jagadish! Please don’t try to call me again!”
“What? Why? Do you forget that we are lovers?”
“Yes, I know! But as per current situation! It is better if you live me alone”
“What do you mean by current situation? You mean my job? I can get another job soon. You know I’m trying”
“No,Jagadish… Please...I know that you are struggling a lot. I don’t want to be a burden to you. Please don’t ever call me again! Sorry!”
Call got disconnected.
He smashed his IPhone on floor with agony and pain. The pieces scattered across the hall.
Few months back.
Jagadish and Vineet are best friends from childhood. They did engineering in different colleges; nevertheless they got the job in same company. It is such a coincident that after their basic training got placed in same project. They were extremely delighted that they are in the same project and doing same work. Both stay in same room along with 2 other colleagues.
Though Jagadish is from middle class family, he lives his life lavishly. He is an extravagant. There is nothing like “saving money” in his dictionary. He always carries the latest cell phones and maintains sport bikes. He has 5 to 6 different credit cards. His monthly expenditure is more than what he earns. He has an elder sister, who got married when he was doing engineering. His both parents are living without depending financially on him, so he has no family responsibilities. Several times his parents warned him as he ought to change his habits and reduce the expenditures. However Jagadish is not cared them at any time. There is a reason for his behavior; he had gone through tough phases during childhood and while he was studying engineering. He desperately waited for the job so that he can get the financial freedom. Once he got the first month salary, he changed his life style. He started behaving like a wealthy person.
Vineet is also from middle class family. His father retired. He has a younger sister yet to get married, and has an elder married brother. His brother never worked in one place constantly. Thus, Vineet has to take care of whole family expenditures. He sends 70% of his salary every month to his family. He is thrifty, very careful in spending the money. It doesn’t mean that he is stingy; he spends money on movies and weekend diners, but not like Jagadish, will not maintain expensive cell phones and bikes. He knows the value of money and where to spend and where not, he also kept some money aside for savings.
Vineet many times told to Jagadish that he should reduce his expenses. But Jagadish always says “Life is too short, my 30% of life went without much enjoyment. Next 30% life after marriage goes in same way. I have only this time to enjoy, so please don’t object me, let me enjoy”. Vineet knows him from childhood; he had seen him how he struggled to complete this engineering, so some times he let him to do whatever he does. At intervals, Jagadish feels jealous of Vineet, and tries to spend money like him, however his family responsibilities bring him back to normal.
They never thought that fate is going to break their friendship in near future.
Jagadish is brilliant in work compare to Vineet. He is quick in grasping the design of the system. He helped Vineet many situations, when Vineet was struck in resolving the issues. Every so often, Jagadish did the Vineet work so that Vineet gets the recognition in the company. Indeed, in his management point of view, both Vineet and Jagadish are important resources for the project. Very few in that project actually know that Jagadish is excellent than Vineet.
Jagadish has a girl friend, her name is Shriya. Occasionally he bunks the office in order to go with her, that time Vineet covers him. Often Jagadish is used to take money from Vineet for his expenditures, and withdraws excessive amount from the credit card account.
Days will not be same always, world economy collapsed. All companies are facing hard challenges, reducing their costs and doing whatever to do to retain the existing customers. Jagadish and Vineet’s employer company is no exceptional, many upcoming projects are canceled in that company; they are facing difficulty paying salaries to employees. Rumors surrendered that company decided to fire the bunch of people in each project. Every one counting their days, no one knows when they would get pink slip.
Jagadish is not worried about the situation; he knows that his project is totally dependent on him. If company loses him then they can lose the project. Vineet is scared about the situation. He worried a lot, and thinking how to take up by any chance if he is fired. His whole family is depending on him. It is adamant outside to get a new job. He is not able to sleep properly, was getting dreams like they have removed him, his family suffered without money.
Surprisingly Jagadish and two other members got pink slips. Rest all team mates astonished about the management decision. It is a big shock to Jagadish, he never expected that. Vineet also equally shocked after knowing it. He knows about the Jagadish, he doesn’t want condolence words during that time, so he didn’t say anything. He left him alone for few days. Jagadish came out of the situation quickly. He started attending interviews outside. However, the situation is very bad, hardly 1 or 2 calls he is getting in a month time. Vineet is worried knowing his situation.
Jagadish is getting notices from the credit card companies that he has to pay the due amount. He has no money in his bank account, he sold his bike and laptop to repay some of those bills, but still he has a lot of debts. He took personal loan from bank to buy expensive items for his girl friend; he has to pay that too. He totally frustrated about his situation, he is not able to digest the fact that he is became like earlier Jagadish who was desperate about money.
His girl friend Shriya left him. It was a shocking moment to him. Gradually, he forgot to take care of his physical appearance, started growing beard and not showing interest about what dresses he is wearing. Vineet could not able see his friend struggling like that. He told many times to him, he has to keep some money aside, which will become handy during this kind of circumstances. He helped him lot of times. However, his debts are many, if he pays one another is coming up.
Everyone is worried what will happen to Jagadish. They thought credit card companies may file a case against him.
When Jagadish was staying alone in room, Vineet noticed that Jagadish was alone. He approached him.
“Jagadish, what happened to today interview?”
“Jagadish, I’m asking you what happened.” He started thinking that this interview is also gone.
“What will happen? I’m not as intelligent like you to get through the interview”
“Hey! Don’t say like that. Everyone knows who is the intelligent”
“Yes! Everyone knows, that’s why they fired me instead of you. Tell me Vineet, why they fired me? What wrong I did? ”
“Jagadish, you are the highest paid resource in the project. So, when they thought of reducing the cost, first thing they would do is removing the highly paid resources. That’s what happened, but not because that you did something wrong. I told you many times to reduce your expenses; you didn’t listen so now you are suffering”.
Jagadish face turned red with rage, he forcibly kicked the glass table in the hall with his leg. It fell on the floor and broke into pieces.
“Shut up Vineet!, I know what to do ? You no need to tell me. Actually, you are the reason why I lost that job. If you would have not part of the project, then they would have considered me. Because of you… you! I lost it. You are a coward. If you are my real friend then you also could have resigned”. Jagadish is shaking; he is totally out of balance. He doesn’t know what he is speaking.
Vineet don’t have any words to say, tears are coming out. He never saw him like that before. He silently went inside of room and packed his clothes. He came out and said,
“Jagadish, I always wanted to be your well wisher. You know about my family. If I don’t send money nothing will move. It is my bad that after this many years of our friendship, you didn’t understand anything about me. It is better if I’m away from you. I sincerely pray god that you will get job soon. Bye”
Vineet went out with his bag.
Jagadish banged the door vigorously. It closed making big sound.
It became 4 weeks since this incident happened.
One day Jagadish got a call from Credit Card Company. He didn’t answer the call. Then he saw an email from the same company. He knows what it would be, mostly asking him to repay the due amount otherwise they would file a case in the police station. He opened the email, to be his surprise; the email is thanking him for repaying the due amount. He didn’t believe it, he checked the name that whom it is addressed. It is correct, it is addressed to him. How come they are saying that I paid it, when I didn’t, he is thinking?
His phone started ringing, he saw who is calling. It is from the bank from where he took the personal loan. He lifts the call thinking about the email,
“Hi sir! Thanks for repaying your personal loan. We value your business”
“What! I didn’t pay to anybody. I don’t have even single paisa in my account, how would I pay? Are you sure ?”
“Yes Sir! We are sure; we have received a check yesterday”
“Check… who signed it?”
“Vineet kumar”
“What… Vin…Vineet?”
“Yes sir! It is Vineet, Once again thanks for your business. You will get papers in a week time”
The person disconnected the phone.
Jagadish phone is dropped from his hands. He realized about what happened. He quickly checked some of the previous emails which he had not opened. All are from his credit card companies, showing their gratitude for repaying the amount.
He understood that Vineet paid all his debts. But, how? He doesn’t have that much money to pay it. He then remembered ….that he was saving money for his sister marriage.
He is muttering himself “he paid all my debts with the money that he saved for his sister marriage”.
He apprehended how much big mistake that he did scolding Vineet that day. He totally misunderstood him.
He groaned holding his head with hands.
Muttering, “Vineet! Forgive me for whatever I did”.
After sometimes he quickly washed his face and get ready to meet Vineet. He called few of his other friends and enquired about Vineet address. He got his address.
He reached Vineet room, knocked the door. Vineet opened it; he shocked seeing Jagadish at the door.
Jagadish eyes filled with tears after seeing him. He immediately hugged him and said,
“Please forgive me Vineet. You are my real friend. I really misunderstood you. I know god will not forgive me for whatever I told to you, but I know a real friend like you will forgive me”.
Vineet took him to inside and asked him to sit in a chair.
“See! Jagadish, whatever I did is actually nothing when it compares with what I got from you”. Vineet tone is changed; he is talking in diplomatic way.
“As you said, Indeed, I was really responsible for your job lost. I came to know that company was planning to reduce the head count in our project few months back. I was very much scared; I know in that case they will first fire me. It is very hard to get another job outside, I remembered my family. If there is no job, they may die with starvation. That time, do you remember? I asked you, I would take the ownership of your module. You happily agreed and helped me to gain full control over it. I asked it because I know it is a critical module in the software, you were the only guy who knows about it. If I get to know everything about it then they will not fire me. Instead they might consider you.”
Jagadish is hearing him unbelievably. Vineet continued …

“As I expected, they didn’t fire me, the next obvious choice for them is you, because of your high pay…finally they fired you. I know that, I look vile to you after hearing that. But, I don’t have any choice. I did it for my family. I expected that you would get job soon outside because of your talent, but it didn’t happen. You suffered a lot. I could not able see you like that so I repaid all your debts.”
Jagadish is speech less. He doesn’t know what to say, he is totally confused after hearing what actually happened.

All of sudden he started laughing … laughing madly… saying ….” Because of you I lost the job. That is correct… you are really coward…. you made me to struggle like this … you caused me to lost everything, including my girl friend …there are no true friends in this world. No one will do any help without any reason…aha…aha…aha no friends …no real friends”.

He left the room laughing like that.
Do you think Vineet is a coward and selfish? Whatever he did is wrong?

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Prakash wanted to investigate the roots of his wife. He tried to find answers to few unresolved questions. Finally, he came to know devastating secret behind those answers. What is it?
Prakash was working as a manager in State Bank of India. His father had died when he was doing his schooling. His father have had a construction company. He earned so much money in that business. Even after his dismissal, Prakash didn't face any financial problems to continue his studies. He completed CA, after that he got placed in SBI. Prakash was a soft spoken person. He was very sensitive. He cannot control his emotions, if he sees any one in trouble. Right from childhood, he had a habit of donating money to poor and participating in welfare activities.
After joining in the job, his mother asked him to marry. He told his wish as he wants to marry an orphan girl. His mummy first surprised, eventually she realized, and she knows his character particularly well from childhood, lastly she agreed. As for his wish, she found a girl from an orphanage center.
Her name was Savitha. She was beautiful and the same natures like Prakash. After marriage, every one said, both were made for each other.
Two years over, both lived pretty happily during that time. Both participated in various welfare activities and helped poor people.
Feb 29th is Savitha birthday. Since she borne on leap year, she celebrates her birthday once in four years. This birthday was her first birthday after marriage. Prakash was envisaging what gift he should give to her. He wants to make sure that, this gift should be particularly special to her. She should not forget it in her life. After so much pondering, he adjudicated what to do.
Savitha had joined in orphanage center, when she was 2 years old. From that day onwards, she brought up in that place. She does not know anything about her parents. Whether they are alive or died. She always says, where ever they are, let them live peacefully.
She thought her parents might have some reasons to abandon her. Thus, she never bothered about to meet them. However, during marriage time, Prakash noticed that she felt unhappy because she does not have parents at that time. He decided to find out who are her parents, and bring them to her during her birthday as a gift.
He had just 3 months time to do it.
He determined to spend some time in weekends to get the details of her parents. First he consulted orphanage center where Savitha brought up, and inquired about whom indeed dropped Savitha at that center. They took some time to see all past records, and they gave a name . The person who left her was a woman. Her name was Kamalama, and her age was anywhere between 40 to 50. Her village was Raja palem. After verifying that information, he asked the person, whether Kamalama has exact address than just village name. He said the house number and street name were not written in the records. Prakash said thanks and returned from there with those details.
In next week-end, he searched about Raja Palem in Internet and found where Raja Palem is located. He went to the municipality near to that village. He offered some money to the clerk and gathered that village voter list. He rounded the voters whose name is Kamala & Kamalamma. He comes up with total 20 names. He conceived that if that old woman was 40 to 50 years old when she left Savitha, now probably she will be around 70 years old. He looked at the list again searching for 70 years woman. Unfortunately, he did not discover anyone. Then he shortlisted 5 names out of 20, whose age is between 40 to 50.His notion is at least those age people might know something about real Kamalamma. With those details, he went to Rajapalem.
Rajapalem is a small village. Roughly 500 houses most will be there. He went to the first house listed in the voter list. He knocked the door. One old woman came out from that house. He introduced himself, and said he is searching for Kamalama whose age is roughly 70 years. She said she did not remember anyone with around 70 years old and having that name. She gave addresses of other women in that village with the same name, but age is less than 70. He already had those addresses in his list. He showed his gratitude and left that house.
He searched in all remaining houses. Every one said there is no one called Kamalama in that village whose age is above 60 years. He is terribly upset.
He sat under a tree in the village center and thinking what to do next. After some time, a young woman came to his place. She asked him, whether he is searching for a woman called Kamalamma. He said yes. She said her name is also Kamalamma named after her grandmother. Her grandmother had the same name. She lived in a nearby village called “RajyaPalem”. She was living in that village along with her parents and grandmother. She came to this village after her marriage. He immediately asked her to introduce her grandmother. She said her grandmother died 5 years ago. After hearing that, his facial expressions changed. He tried to keep his feelings inside. He wants to confirm, whether she is the woman whom he is looking for. He asked what her age was when she died. She said she was around 64 years.
He concluded she is the exact woman whom he is investigating for. She might have told”Rajya Palem”, but orphanage center people might have written it as “Raja Palem”. Thus, he is searching at the wrong place.
He asked her, whether she knows anything about Savitha. She said she does not know. He asked her to take him to that other village, and acquaint about him to her parents. She agreed.
That day afternoon, both went to “Rajya Palem”. She introduced her parents to him. He asked them, whether anyone knows about Savitha. They said no. Then he asked again, around 25 years ago Kamalamma left an orphan in orphanage center. Anyone knows about it. Kamalamma daughter asked the name of the orphanage center. He said the name and where it is located. Then gradually she remembered and said, “Yes! I remember”. She recalled that incident and told, “My mother was working as a daily labor in a Construction Company. I was also working along with her. That day Aug 15th Independence day, we got chocolates at the construction area, that time there was an accident happened on the road near to the place where we work. Two people died on the spot, and one little girl around one and half year old left abandoned. Those people who died are actually that girl parents. My mother took that girl. After that she waited almost 6 months to see if anyone would come to accept that girl. However, no one came. My mother was already having several kids. She could not able to manage that little girl. Thus, she decided to leave her at Orphanage center”.
He quietly listening everything. While listening, his face colors are changing.
She asked why he was catechizing about that information now. He said his wife is that little girl, whom her mother rescued and left at Orphanage center.
He spent some time and said how grateful he is for providing that information and left that place.
He adjudged not to talk about that matter to Savitha. She may not comprehend the fact that her parents indeed died in an accident.
After hearing what happened to Savitha parents, his mood got changed. He did not feel happy. He thought so much like, finding Savitha parents and brings them to her on her birthday. He called Savitha and said, he is going to his mother house, and he will arrive late to home.
He went to his mother house. Her mother surprised seeing him at that time. She noticed that his mood was not good. Whenever he is not feeling well, he spends some time in his room. He had grown up in that room from his child hood. He went to his room and spent some time. After some time, he roamed whole house. He saw the store room, where all his childhood toys and his college books were kept. He determined to check them. He entered into that room. He saw his most favorite toy, which was kept at the top of the cupboard. He tried to get it, but it was at bit high. He pulled it forcefully and it felt down. He saw along with it a book also felt over. He noticed it as a diary. He took it and recognized that is his father dairy. First he hesitated to read it, but then decided to do it.
His father wrote about his happy life in several pages, like how cheerfully he was living with his wife and child. In one page, it’s written like.
“This is miserable day in my life. I did a terrible mistake. I committed an accident near the construction sector. I drove my car real fast and unknowingly hit a family. I know there was a girl also in that family. I did not stop the car. I did not know what to do in that moment. I sensed someone would have died. If I stop the car, then people may take me to police station. I scared and escaped from that place. I know god will not forgive me for making that mistake. What to do? If I surrender myself to the police station then what will happen to my family and family reputation. God, please give me strength to forget it”.
Prakash stunned after reading it. He looked at the diary date. It has noted as Aug 15th. The same day, Savitha parents died in an accident. He slowly comprehend that his father was responsible for that accident. After six months, his father also died with depression for doing that mistake.
Prakash thinking, after these many years, He justified his father mistake by marrying Savitha. He gave a new life to her. His eyes have filled with tears for knowing that his father died because of a disgrace on himself. He wiped his tears, took a deep breath and closed the dairy. He kept at the same place where it was there before. He came out of the room. His mother asked whether he feels better now. He shook his head. He said he wanted to go his home and exited the house.
He reached his house. Savitha is waiting for him. He looked at her. She appeared different now. He thought inside, “Father! Where ever you are, be rest in peace. I justified your fault”. Savitha looked at him and said “What are you looking?” He said nothing and hugged her.
That day Savitha’s birthday. Prakash arranged a party at Orphanage center. He said, he is going to adopt that Orphanage center from that day onwards, and that is a gift, he is giving to his wife.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Ravi’s flight landed in Bangalore international airport. He is so tired and feeling annoyed. This flight is supposed to land two days ago, but due to some technical problem, it got delayed to today. His work at Paris didn't go through well. He spoke with his manager and told about the situation at client place. His manager was not happy about the outcome. Actually he did his best. But his team was not able to deliver quality product as expected by the client. So, they decided to give significant part of the work in the current project to some other company. He tried to convince the client. However they committed to the earlier decision and gave work to other company. His manager is blaming him for loosing that work. 

Before traveling to India, he decided not to talk to anyone for few days so he switched off his phone. His flight was emergency landed on some other airport because of the technical problem. He stayed two days in a hotel, which is provided by airlines people. During those two days, he was not in contact with anybody.
He took a taxi in Bangalore airport, and told the taxi driver, where to go. While he is on his way to the room, he switched on his phone. The swim card in the phone is enabled to use across the globe. His company provided it. After 10 Mins, he got a call. He saw who is calling. His friend. 

Ravi’s mood is still not good. He thought for some time, whether to attend the call or not. He did not pick it for first time. Immediately his friend called again, this time he answered the call.


“Hey, Ravi, Where were you man? We all were trying to contact you from past 3 days. We came to know that your flight is delayed, and it was landed in some other airport, but not able to trace you.”

Ravi is listening quietly.

“Sorry yaar, one bad news to you. Your father passed away 3 days back. He got a heart attack. Your relatives tried to contact you to inform this information, but not happened. They waited for you till today, but you did not come, so they took the responsibility and buried your father body. You missed his last moments”.

Ravi is listening with half mind, he did not understand first who died.

“What? Who ?”

“Your father, I know it is hard to believe. But, very sorry yaar. I will come to your room. We can discuss in it”.

Call got disconnected.

He did not believe that his father is dead. He called his relative. His relative confirmed that his father is no more.
Ravi became silent. He could not able to hear any sounds from outside. Outside world appeared so quiet to him. Taxi driver was asking him something. His is seeing his lips moving, but no word from his mouth.

The day before he was traveling to India, his father called him. He did not speak with him properly. That was not first time, that he behaved like that. After joining in this job, he is not speaking much with his father. Whenever he calls him, he talks with him while doing some work on his laptop. Sometimes, he does not understand entirely, what his father told him over the phone.

Few years before Ravi was not like today. He likes his father so much. He has had extremely close relationship with his father. He used to stay with his father in their house.
What caused Ravi to change his life style?
Few years ago…

 May 21st.

Ravi’s father birthday, like in all birthdays, Ravi and his father went to Ravi’s father village. His father grown up in that village. He has so many childhood memories in that place. He will not feel that much happy, if he had been in any place other than that village. Therefore Ravi brings him to that village on his birthday. The coincidence is, Ravi’s birthday is on May 22nd. They will spend those two days in that village. They speak with all villagers. They roam whole village. They play sometimes in old school, where Ravi father studied up to 5th grade. No cake cutting, no party nothing. They do not want to celebrate the party in that way. Instead, they bring some food from the town, and they used to give to poor people in that village.

When Ravi was 5 years old, his mother died. His father took his full responsibility. Though there was a chance for him to marry some other women, but he was afraid that how new women would accept Ravi, so he refused it. Because of Ravi studies, he left his most admired village and settled in the town. From that time onwards, he had become Ravi’s father and mother. Ravi is aware that his father had so much closeness with his village. So, He decided to take him to his village on his birthday and spend two days in that place.
Ravi did PG in MA. He got a teacher job in one of the school in his town. He was a Telugu lecturer. He likes his job very much. While he is teaching, all students listen quietly. He involves entirely, when he is teaching lessons. No student likes to drop his lessons. Other teachers ask him, how did that possible. He used to say, if you do the job which you like most, then you can do wonders in that job. I like this job very much, so I am able to demonstrate lessons heart fully. Students liked it.

The days are going smoothly...

Ravi is going to school, and after school spending rest of the day with his father. One day he met his child-hood friend. He is a software engineer in Bangalore. After seeing him, Ravi got surprised. He was blunt in his studies. Everyone thought; he would ruin his carrier. But, now things are different. He said; he got a car and individual home. His marriage got settled, so he came here to invite all of his friends. He said how much he is earning in his work. Ravi surprised; he is getting 5 times more income than him. He laughed later get to know that how much income Ravi was getting in teacher post. He gave advice to Ravi like, he would get a better job than his current job, and asked him to come to Bangalore, so that he will explore job for him.

After seeing him, Ravi started thinking that his current job is extremely low compare to software job. He slowly started showing his frustration on students while telling lessons. He totally lost his interest on teacher post.

Ravi father worried about him. He was observing that; there is a change in Ravi's character. He is not satisfied as like before. He thought if he gets married then he may change. He started looking for a bride for him. He got a girl for Ravi. She studied degree, and she is a daughter of his friend. Her father is happy to give her in his family.
One day when Ravi was in school. That girl came to school and said, she wants to talk to him for some time. Ravi said ‘Ok’. She said; she does not want to marry a teacher, and settle her life in that town. She wants to marry a software engineer, so that her life will be courteous, and she can enjoy her life in a city. She does not have the courage to go against to her parents. She requested Ravi to cancel that marriage.

Ravi did not speak anything. He immediately went to girl’s father house, and said he did not want to marry her, requested not to ask any more questions, said sorry and left the house.

After this incident, his frustration got doubled on current job. The desire to get a software engineer job increased. He decided to quit the teacher job. He told this decision to his father. His father begged him to re-consider his decision, and asked not to leave this town. But, he refused. He quit the job. Whatever money he saved so far, and some of the money his father gave, he took and went to Bangalore.

He spent six months in Bangalore and learnt few courses. It took another three months for him to get a job. He called his father, and told that he got a job. His father was pleased. He asked him to come to his place, as he wants to see him. He went to town and met his father. After nine months, Ravi meeting his father. His father was happier after seeing him, than when he heard about the news that he got a job. Ravi spent the whole day with his father.

Ravi returned back to Bangalore and reported at his office. First few months, he realized what a software engineer life is. He never experienced that much stress, when he was doing a teacher job. There are no specific timings in the work. One has to work until midnight, if he has unfinished work. Just for name sake there are two days holidays in a week. Most of the time, he has to work on Saturday, and sometimes even on Sunday. His food timings also changed. He is used to eat his food at fast food centers. His physic also changed. Only solace is the income. Slowly, he is adjusted to that environment. He reduced the calls to his father. Initially, he used to call daily, but gradually it became twice in a week, and then once in a week. Whenever his father calls, he speaks with him while doing some work on his laptop. That conversion is also one side. He says “aha, Ok, I’m fine”, then that’s it and says “Bye”.

That day May 21st. He forgot his father birthday. His father called him. As usual, he lifts the phone while working on his laptop. His father asked.

“How are you”.

“Aha! Ok”.

“How is your health?”

“Ok, good”.

“Do you want to say anything to me?”

“No! Nothing, I got to go; I have some work, bye, take care”.
He disconnected the call.

That day night, When he was sleeping, he suddenly woke up. He remembered, that day was his father birthday. He called him immediately. His father attended the phone instantly, as if he is waiting for his call without sleeping. He said “Happy birthday, sorry I forgot. It will not happen again”. He spoke for some time. He understood how his father felt when he said “Happy birthday”. That day, some kind of guiltiness started developing in him. He recognized that; he is ignoring his father.

Next day, His father called him to wish his birthday. He went to office and became absorbed in his work. His colleagues celebrated his birthday.

Days are going so fast. Ravi got a promotion. He became a team lead in his project. His manager decided to send him to Paris. The current project client was not happy with the team performance. Manager recruited all fake engineers in that project. Though Ravi refused at first, because of manager pressure agreed them. They did not have any experience on that work, so client identified that performance of the team is going down month by month. Ravi senior management came to know that; client decided to give most of that work to some other company. Manager asked Ravi to travel to client place to convince him.

His travel confirmed. He started traveling that day. He called his father and briefly told him that he was traveling to Paris.
Despite of his several attempts, the client was not convinced. Ravi was upset. He called his manager, told the situation. The manager was blamed Ravi for loosing that project. He scolded Ravi. Ravi does not have any words, what to say. He deeply upsets with manager words. That time his father called him.

“Ravi, How are you?”

Ravi was not in a good mood to talk. He replied saying “Ya! I’m still alive”.

“Ravi, what happened? What are you saying?”

“Dad, do not irritate me calling so many times. I’m started feeling like; I would live happily if 
none were there in my life”.

“Ravi! Do not say like that. I will not disturb you again. Bye”.
He disconnected the call. Ravi does not know; that day was May 21st. His father birthday.
Taxi stopped with sudden break at Ravi’s room. Ravi came back to normal from his memories. Taxi driver told that he reached his room. Ravi asked him to take him to some hotel. He said OK and took him to some hotel. Ravi checked-in in that hotel.
After going inside, he busted with tears. He cried a lot. He shouted like “Dad, I killed you; I killed you. I am responsible for your death. How evil I became. I could not able to see you in the last minutes”.
He fell on the floor. He does not know, how much time he cried. He stood up and went into the kitchen. He decided what to do.
Police officer Vikram enters in to that room. A dead body is there inside. He examined the body. He put his hand on body back pocket and removed the wallet. Inside there is a visiting card. He read it. It is written as, “Ravi, Team lead”. He looked around. He found a note on the table. In that note, it is written like.

“I’m committing suicide. No one is responsible for my death. I want my death to be a lesson to all people, who ignores their parents. I request all people who forget their parents due to their busy schedule. Please, you speak at least 5 Mins to your parents daily. Never ever show your frustration on them. When you are talking, you remember that, you are talking with your parents, but not with a stranger. You speak from the bottom of your heart. It makes a lot of difference in their life.”