Sunday, September 18, 2011


Rabesh woke up from the sleep. His head is paining like someone hitting with hammer on head. He slowly sat on the place where he was sleeping, and held his head with two hands.
The pain is heavy… for few minutes he didn’t open his eyes completely...
After sometime, he darted his head, and trying to understand the circumstances. It is a small room, has a ventilation window on top side , from there the sun light is coming inside. That light caused him to wake up from the sleep.
First few seconds he didn’t remember who is he and where is he?
He slowly recalled… He is working in a MNC company as a senior software architect. Recently he bought an apartment in Bangalore. On that occasion, he gave a party to his friends and colleagues yesterday in his apartment.
“Hmm…” he is moaned… his head is paining a lot …. Hell of the pain…when he is trying to remember the things, the pain is increasing.
"But, I have to remember!!!" He is rubbing his fore-head to recall the things.
He had drunk heavily during the party, and then he slept on his bed.
“I slept on my bed inside my apartment!!!" He is muttering himself.
“But, why the hell I’m here in this room!!! Sleeping on the floor??” … Many unanswered questions arose in his mind.
He tried to stand on the floor, but something hit his leg and he fell down on the floor. He heard an iron chain noise. He looked at his legs. His right leg is chained.
His face turned red with agony after seeing the chain.
He couldn’t believe that he is chained like a dog. He turned upside down and tried to pull the chain out. But It is very strong, not easy to pull out. After several attempts, he understood that, it is impossible to pull out.
He didn’t understand!!, why?
“Why and who chained me in this room?”… Again unanswered question…
He started observing the room more closely now. The size of the room is smaller than his bath room. The walls are dirty and patched all over. There is a door, but it is closed. There are no windows except the ventilation on top of the room. There is a small stove on one side, sink and lavatory. It is just like a prison cell.
He stood up and moved towards the door.
He could able to go up to few inches from his place, then the chain stopped him and it pulled him back. He used his complete energy, and tried to pull the chain out again, but it didn’t come.
His body is shivering with rage…. He is pulling the chain several times with the hands madly…
After sometime he fell on the floor … He is tired… He decided to call for help.
“HELP” “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP” he is shouting for help.
“I’M STUCK HERE, PLEASE HELP” he is yelling loudly.
No response.
He became helpless, restless… fatigue… He is taking heavy breath… He felt thirsty.
He looked around again. He saw a wooden box, kept beside the stove.
He opened it. Several small plastic boxes are kept inside. He opened one by one; all are having ingredients used for cooking. Then he found a water bottle.
He felt relived, opened and drunk half of the bottle.
He sat calmly on floor for some time and started analyzing…
“Is it dream? Will I wake up on my bed, and laugh recalling how I frighten in this situation. Oh! God, if it is really dream. I can’t bear more than this. I have to wake up”
He closed his eyes tightly and muttering…
“Wake up Rabesh , Wake up, Wake up….WAKE UP”
Nothing happened. He didn’t wake up from the sleep.
He opened his eyes. He is still in that room. He concluded, this is not a dream. This is real, he is not in his apartment, and indeed he is in this small room. Someone kidnapped him and kept it here.
But, why? And Who?
As per as he remember, he didn’t have enemies who would hate him so much to keep him in a room and chained like a dog.
He looked at his wrist watch. It is not there. He remembered wearing it when he slept yesterday in his room. He looked at his dress. He is wearing the same dress when he slept. He tried to remember the day.
“What day today? Is it really yesterday that I slept or is it few days back...? Whoever bought me here, will they kill me? ”
The moment the “Kill” thought came into his mind, his body quivering with fear.
He liked to watch Hollywood movies. He watched many thriller movies, and when the hero or group of people faces this kind of situation, he enjoyed those scenes sitting in his A/C room. He didn’t realize, how terrible the experience is when someone experience on his own.
“Is it some kind of practical joke? I told to my friends many times, I like the thriller movies, so maybe they thought; I have to experience on my own, so they kept me in this room.”
“After few hours, they will open the door and laugh at me. I’ll also join with them”
“Ya! That is correct; Defiantly Vikram would have planned this entire thing. He told one time, he will put me in this situation so that I’ll come to know the pain and tension people would face in here“
“I’ll kick him after coming out from here. But, I should appreciate him the way he set up the whole thing. He did pretty good job”… Rabesh smiled.
He became normal now. He convinced that the whole setup is a practical joke; he would get released from here after couple of hours.
He decided to wait.
Since morning, he wants to use the toilet. He saw the lavatory. It is like a public lavatory that he usually sees in parks. He felt awful after seeing it. He scolded Vikram.
“Damn it Vikram! I’ll really kill you for making me to use this kind of lavatory”
He completed using it, and sat on the floor again. He is thinking…
“If it is Monday today then I should submit my final design to manager. Defiantly, he will try to contact me by calling. What would be his reaction, when he realizes that my phone is switched off and no one is responding to the calls? This design is very crucial. I have been working on this design from past two months. “
“May be Vikram will tell him the truth. “
His thoughts are moving from one topic to other.
He spent few hours, or he thought he spent few hours.
“ Why Vikram is not yet come? Already I think the couple of hours got over?” Rabesh is very annoyed.
“Vikram, I know you’re at outside. Enough of jokes, I’m getting sick sitting here. Take me out man, I agree that you are brilliant in applying practical jokes” Rabesh is shouting.
No response from outside.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Boy, A girl and A Love Story… Part 2

The best thing any men should do before talking to women is knowing how to approach them without scaring them away. After approaching them, you should know how to initiate the conversation. The hardest part is initiating the conversation.

What you need to do is, start the conversation based on the circumstances.

For example, if she is at the cricket ground, initiate the conversation about the game like “Hmm… India is rocking today, damn sure we are going to win” or if she is at the bus stand, you can initiate the conversation like “what is the time madam?” or “Weather is very HOT today, isn’t it?” etc…

Sumanth is remembering the tips given by his college senior’s on “How to talk to women?”

He decided to apply this technique to initiate the conversation with her.

He is about say “Excu…” He didn’t complete the sentence then… He heard…


Someone is calling him with his name…

He annoyingly looked back; he didn’t notice any recognizable person.

He turned back again…

“Excuse me”, he said at the person standing in the queue.

He thought the angle is still in the same position, but actually she moved bit further. In her position an old woman is standing.

“What???” that old woman asked him putting her face irritatingly as someone disturbed her prayer.

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t thing that is you” He said and wondering where is the angel.

The old woman was muttering something.

He noticed that the angel is moved forward.

She is smiling by seeing him like that. His heart stops beating for a second by looking her closely with the smile. Her smile fills the darkest dwellings with a beautiful glow. Her smile leaves him breathless, speechless, heart pounding, deep breaths, and shaky hands. Her smile is truly an angelic smile.

He is reaching her…


Someone is calling him with his name again. First time in his life, he hates his name… hates that someone calling him with his name…

He ignored and going further…


He suddenly remembered that he is in his native place, so may be some relative is calling him.

He immediately turned back.

Now, he noticed that a middle age women is calling him.

He looked at her. He didn’t remember her.

He is staring at her thinking “whom could be she?”

She came close to him and introduced herself as house owner of their earlier rented house. Sumanth parents vacated that rent house few years back and bought a new house. When they were at that house, Sumanth was studying intermediate.

He remembered her now.

She took his hand and grabbed him to the place, where her family members are sitting. She introduced him to them. Every one wondering how he changed over the period. They started asking him several questions.

He is annoyed for their interrogation. However, he managed to show smiley face. He is thinking, when they will leave him.

While answering, he looked back at the queue. His angle is not standing there. She might have entered into temple, he thought.

After sometime, they leaved him.

He quickly went to the front side of the temple, and looked inside. Since crowd is so much, he couldn’t able to see all the people, so he tried to look for her again standing on his foot, but he didn’t see her inside.

“Angle might be somewhere on the corner side, I better to wait here”, he is muttering himself.

While waiting… he recalled her gesture.

Her most beautiful gesture... “As someone said, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. May be I’m thinking too much about her outside appearance.” He thought.

He waited almost half an hour sitting on the ground in front of the temple main entrance door. During that time, he might have looked hundred times at his watch.

Crowd is not that much now, so there is no queue line. He entered into temple eagerly looking for her. She is not inside. He came out and looked whole temple. He didn’t find any traces of her.

He understood that she left the temple long back.

He became dull and sat on the steps thinking how she vanished?

His friend came to his place. He observed that he was looking for someone.

“Hey! Sumanth, whom were you looking for???”

“Nobody” Sumanth answered him dully and looking somewhere.

“Hey! I know you were looking for that long hair girl, isn’t it?” he put his face teasingly.

Sumanth is not answered him this time, still thinking about her.

“I know her…”

Sumanth reacted quickly after hearing it, his face turned like a thousand volt bulb. He held his friend shoulders with his hands and asked him, “You know her???”… He is shaking him while asking.

“I mean, I saw her on Raja Street with her friends. She might be doing some courses in that street. If you wait at our friend shop on that street tomorrow, you might spot her.”

“Thanks a lot”, Sumanth was almost dancing…

“What! Love at first sight… hmm… great”, his friend was smiling at him.

Sumanth was bashful and crunched his friend head with both hands and started beating him; after sometime both went out of the temple talking about tomorrow meeting. Sumanth is very excited that tomorrow he is going to talk to her.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Boy, A Girl and A Love Story…

Days are going very dry and dull. These are summer days, so obviously days will be dry, however it is not just weather, there is something missing in Sumanth’s life, so he is feeling very dry, he wants that missing ‘something’ in his life to make his life lively, exciting and juicy.
Sumanth is doing engineering second year, he is 5 feet 9 inch tall, curly hair, having good physic, doesn’t have mustaches, removed in first year because of ragging, friends said he looks cute without it, so then he continued without it.
He came to his native place for summer holidays. He doesn’t like summer holidays, as he feel bore spending those days at his native place. He has a couple of child-hood friends at that place, with them he passes the time. They do a lot of things to come out of the boredom.
Visiting temples is one of it. They go to temple not for the sake of god, but just to do time pass.
They are in a temple, that day Saturday, many people have come to the temple. Girls are looking pretty with different dresses, making rounds to the temple, sometime having a slight eye contact with handsome boys and pretending that they didn’t. Boys are doing same thing, looking at charming girls and trying to make an eye contact with them. Elders are busy in prayers and requesting god to fulfill their needs.
Sumanth is not exceptional, whenever he sees a pretty girl; he glance for sometime at her, then turns his head and continue searching for some other girl. He never glance a girl for more than 5 minutes.
That time a wonder happened.
Sumanth is sitting on steps of mandapam at back side of temple. People who wants to go inside the main temple ( Garbha Gudi ), they have to go through a queue, which is like a “U” shape. It has a left, right and a connecting line. The connecting line passes from back side of the temple, so people who sit on mandapam steps can see who are in that connecting queue line, and so Sumanth.
He noticed a girl in the queue, whose face is not appearing properly, wearing traditional Indian sari. She is talking with her friend turning other side. He can see only her hair; she has a very long dark hair and fell in a dead straight like a waterfall.
“In this modern time, girl having such a long hair, interesting” Sumanth is thinking.
He remembered all his classmates having pony tail and short hair. He doesn’t like a girl who has a short hair.
He closely observed her; she might be around 5 feet 4 inch tall, fair complexion, and thin body. He is eagerly waiting to turn her head.
After some time, she turned her head, now Sumanth could see some more her. Her friend might have told joke or something, she is laughing. She has an icy white teeth and dark bloody red lips. The eyes are a piercingly sharp shade of gray. Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her dainty nose. Overall, she is truly an unearthly beauty.
He forgot that he is in temple, totally attracted to her and glancing at her continuously. She is looking like an angle to him.
Slowly queue is moving, unintentionally she looked at him. He is looking at her straight, immediately, she turned her head. Her cheeks turned red with shy as she noticed that he is watching her.
Sumanth is having very sharp and attractive eyes. His friends used to say his eyes just look like a “Brad pit” eyes. Girls usually don’t forget if they see his eyes once.
Her body language is totally changed, she is feeling nervous. She looked at him again to confirm that he is watching her. This time Sumanth turned his head other side, he realized how foolishly he is staring at her. But her beauty made him to look at her again.
Both had an eye contact for some time. .. He saw compassion, longing, loss, and warmth in her eyes – the whole spectrum of humanity, in two small but infinitely deep pools.
She entered into right line of the queue, so now he can see only back of her. He moved the corner of the steps, so that he can see her properly.
She is continuously talking with her friend. While talking, she turned back… and looked at him… He smiled… she quickly changed her head direction towards her friend.
Her monalisa-smile while turning is not escaped from Sumanth eyes. He knows that is a response to his smile. He decided to talk to her.
But, what to talk???
“Do I need to ask, What is your name ??”
“Where are you from ??”
“But, this is my home place, if someone sees that I’m talking with a girl in temple, then what about my prestige”
The queue is moving, she is nearing end of the line. After this they enter into temple.
He had a fight with his inner person who is objecting him. Finally his desire to talk to her had won the war. He got down from the steps and slowly walking towards the queue… He is very anxious…
She noticed him that he is coming towards her. She felt tensed… “Why he is coming towards me?”
He almost reached her…