Monday, January 23, 2012

My childhood school

This is the story about an engineer who contributed to the reconstruction of his school.
Prajwal returned to India after spending 10 years in US. He did his MS in US and got placed in a silicon valley. He didn’t like the mechanical life in Uncle Sam country. But the only reason he had been that many years is for the money. Once his kids were started going to elementary school, he decided to settle his rest of life in India, so he applied in a company which is in Bangalore.
Before joining the company, he went to his native place to spend few days. After visiting all the relative houses and friend houses, he had left only 2 days to see the town. He did most of his schooling in that town. Though it had been so long since he visited the town, there is not much change. He surprised and wondered why there is not much development. He took a two-wheeler from his relative to see the town. First he decided to visit his school.
He approached the school, he was bit excited to see it after these many years. When he was studying engineering, he never thought of visiting it, but now he got a time. That day was a weekday, so school was open.
He stunned after seeing the school premises. The situation in that school was very distressing. The tiled houses in school were almost deteriorated because of the poor maintenance . The school has from 1st to 7th standard, hence 7 class rooms. However, few class rooms were abandoned, and kids belong to that section were sitting outside under a tree. There were no benches in few classes. In few classes the roof appeared to collapse at any time. He slowly walked inside looking both side of the class rooms then he met his master.
He wished him and had a little conversation. From him, he understood, in most of the Govt Schools the situation was same. Earlier when he studied at least middle class people were used to send their kids to Govt schools, and only very high income group were preferred private schools. But now almost everyone sending their kids to private schools, and very minor section of kids are going to Govt schools. So the class strength got decreased, which also affected the pass percentage in schools. Since majority people were not coming to Govt Schools, so Govt also stopped funding and neglected the basic infrastructure. Whatever they had built in 15 to 20 years back, the same infrastructure they gave been using it till now.
Prajwal returned back to his home. He got a dream in which his school appeared like his elderly mother, and begging him not to abandon her.
He woke up in mid-night and thought what to do. If he donates money to this school then only this school would benefit, but what about other schools which were in the same condition. He alone can’t help all. So he decided to start a non-profit organization, which he named it as “My Childhood school (MCS)” anyone can donate the money to it, and it takes the responsibility to maintain the schools.
He shared this idea with his childhood friends who were in US; they were very excited and came forward to join as members and help their schools.
The organization first reconstructed the Prajwal School, and made it like a new. The news came in all media channels; most of the software engineers enquired about the MCS and started donating money to the organization.
The organization also took the initiative to educate parents and encourage them to join their kids in Govt School. As someone said “A Journey of thousand miles start with a single step”, the MCS activities started with Prajwal school and gradually spread to all Govt schools in all the districts. This had become a revolution, and most of the young engineers were joined in MCS and extended their services.
Govt also impressed with the MCS work and gave a award to Prajwal for taking the initiative.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Innocent Love 2

She smiled at him. Balaji amazed to see her with a smile.

She never smiled at him before. Since no one around, so he thought of having a chat with her.

He inquired what she was doing and her hobbies etc. She left her studies when she was a small kid, as her parents didn’t like girls to study more than what she had done. She also inquired about him. They spoke on different topics for a long time. 

He noticed that her body language was very unusual that day and she was inclined to know more about him. He finished his breakfast and about to leave the place. Then she told, she was planning to go movie with his younger brother, and asked him whether he watched that movie before.

He knew it is kind of an invitation, so he said he didn’t watch it, but asked what time they were planning to go. She told the timings. It was in afternoon during his college hours. He thought for a while then said, he would come to the movie. She was extremely happy.

That day came, morning he went to the tiffin center as usual , and she reminded him through her signals about the movie while he was having his breakfast. He responded her back saying he didn’t forget it. After that, he went to college

In afternoon, he came to the movie theater. He bought the ticket and entered inside. Since it was a weekday so not much crowd. He spotted her easily. She was sitting in a second row from last. He sat at exactly back side of her. She saw him and gave a smile. She looked very nervous as this was the first time she came to movie without her parents. The movie was not yet started so meanwhile he had a little chat with her from behind. After some time movie had began, she asked him to sit beside her. He sat as she asked and during that time his hand touched her shoulder. He felt a jolt. He adjusted himself in his seat. He was also feeling nervous as it was the first time for him to watch a movie sitting beside a pretty girl. But he was pretending to be normal.

She said she knew he was coming daily to see her. He smiled and looked at her eyes. Her eyes were particularly special; they were very expressive and addictive. He haven’t seen such a beautiful eyes. She looked at his eyes for a moment and immediately turned her head towards the movie screen. There was a silent moment for a while then she said she was afraid to be in that theater with him as someone might notice her. He took her hand and pressed it assuring that nothing would happen. She looked at him, and he thought she was angry about his gesture. He tried to remove his hand, but this time she held his hand tightly and said don’t leave her hand at any time!

That was the moment both realized that they were in love. Though all these things were happening, her younger brother was busy in watching the movie.

They watched the rest of the movie except climax by holding each other hand and then they left the theater before climax as there was a chance that someone in the crowd can notice them. Her brother was annoyed as he didn’t watch the climax of the movie.

As they decided in the movie theater, he used to go very late to tiffin center so that there won’t be any crowd and she can talk with him freely. How much every time they talk, she asked him to stay for some more time and during the time he has to eat something or other so it wouldn't be suspicious to others about his prolonged stay.

It continued for few months like that. One day he told her that his exams started and he was going to stay at his friend room to do the combined study, so during that time he might not see her. 

She got angry and didn’t agree for that. They argued for a while, and he also got angry and left the place.

He didn’t go to her place until his exams were over. When he went to her place after that long gap she looked very dull and weak. There were few other customers so he stayed until all of them left that place. After that, he tried to talk to her, but she didn’t speak anything. “I’m really sorry”, he said but she refused to accept it. When he decided to leave, she asked him to go inside the curtain. He surprised and did as she said. After few minutes she came inside. She looked at his eyes for some time then hugged him tightly. She cried a lot and asked him not to leave her again. He didn’t know what to say,” I never do again”, he said.

“I didn’t eat properly all these days thinking about you. I thought of committing suicide. Please don’t leave me again”, she said. She was sobbing. He hugged her tightly indicating that he won’t leave her.

He stayed for some time and went to college. He didn’t sleep that night thinking about her. He was worried that she was in deep love with him, and could have attempted suicide if he didn't go for few more days. He never imagined that their relationship would become so serious. He had no idea where this relationship would lead to. He had responsibilities; his parents were depending on him, and he had to take care of his sister marriage too.

She asked him several times that why he loved her when he can find so many educated girls in his college. He said the reason was because of her innocent love. Her love is pure that he can feel in every moment when he was with her. He had seen happiness in her eyes whenever she talks with him. He decided to keep her happy whatever it takes.

Few more months were over. She shared many things with him. It was nothing left in her life that he didn’t know. After that incident the intimacy between them increased. She was too crazy about him. She told him many times that she had never been so happy.

But all days won’t be alike.


Balaji reached her town. He immediately called Kalyan and met him.

“Which hospital she got admitted?” the first thing that he asked after meeting him.

“She is in Govt Hospital”.

“Ok, let’s go I want to see her immediately!

He sat on Kalyan ‘s bike. He recalled his memories when Kalyan was taking him through those roads.

They reached the hospital.

She is lying on the bed along with few other patients in a common room. She looked fragile, very thin and has a pale skin. He was not able to control his emotions by seeing her like that.

He approached her bed.

“Maha Lakshmi …” his voice was quivering.

She opened her eyes… and looked at him for a while. She didn’t recognize him and darting her head.

“Maha Lakshmi… Maha Lakshmi… me… Balaji”, He said by holding her in both hands.

She became hysteric and shouting him to go away.

Nurse came and asked them to leave the place.

“This is my fault… This is my entire fault”, Balaji was blabbering and refuse to leave the place.

Kalyan pulled him to outside of the room. Both went to Kalyan’s room. Balaji remained silent and recalled his past.


The happy days in their life got over when Maha Lakshmi told that her parents were looking for a bridegroom for her. She told him to do something. He was not sure what to do; he was a student and financially not independent. That time he asked his friend Kalyan for a suggestion. Kalyan was a local friend of him; he was working in a shop. He knew Balaji very well and he was aware of his responsibilities. He gave a suggestion to him and asked not to take a risk, as his studies would get affect. He was confused and didn’t come to any conclusion.

Maha Lakshmi was putting so much pressure on him and asked him to take her to his home. He was not daring enough to take any decision. His exams also had started at the same time, those were his final exams. Kalyan asked him not to go to her place during that time; otherwise he would fail in exams. 

He was afraid that she might attempt suicide again if she wouldn’t see him in that crisis moment.
Kalyan spoke with her and told how much torture Balaji was going through because of all this pressure. She decided not to disturb him during his exams. Next time when he met her she told not to come to her place until his exams gets over. She promised that she wouldn’t do anything silly and would try to convince her parents to postpone the marriage. He was happy. Before leaving he hugged her and gave a kiss. He said, he would come to see her as soon as his exams gets over and left the place. She was burst into tears to see him leaving her.

He wrote all his exams peacefully and after that went to see her. He didn’t find her in that place. He casually asked her mother about her. He stalled after hearing that she got married and went to in-laws house. He didn’t believe it and went to Kalyan room to confirm with him. He confirmed that she indeed married a local guy who has a tea stall in town. Balaji hold his head with hands and moaned, “Why you didn’t tell me? “He shouted at him. “She took a promise from me that I never tell you about her marriage”, Kalyan said.

It took so much time for him to come out of that pain.


“I can’t leave her like that. I need to do something”, Balaji said.

“What you do?” Kalyan asked by looking at him.

“I’ll marry her”, he muttered looking outside of the window.

Kalyan didn’t say anything and just listening.

“One time I did a mistake and I behaved selfishly. Now I don’t want to repeat that”, Balaji said.

Kalyan hugged him to show his appreciation for his decision.

Balaji took her to the city and joined her in a good hospital. She recovered fully in few months. She recognized him and cried to know that he came for her and he is going to marry her.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Innocent Love

Time is 9:45AM on Monday.

“Got damn it, time is running like anything”, Balaji muttered by looking at watch.

“I’m always late to office, where is my office tag?” He is searching his drawer...

Then his phone rang.

He got irritated... " Why people call always at the wrong time?”
He tries to keep his voice normal and answered the call, “Hello”.

“Hey, Balaji… how are you? Do you remember me? I’m Kalyan… hey listen… I don’t have much time… I called to say an important matter to you… Maha Lakshmi husband passed away … she is in deep shock… they have admitted her in hospital … she needs your help!”

Though Balaji is in a rush, and hearing in half minded, the name “Maha Lakshmi”draws his attention as he can't forget that name easily.

“Kalyan… yes, I remember you… what are you saying… how that happened?” Balaji asked.

“You know he was a alcoholic … his liver got damaged… and last night he died. I’ve to go now. You come here and call me… she needs you”, Kalyan disconnected the call.

He called his boss and took a leave to visit her. He is visiting her after seven years.

“Maha Lakshmi”… Balaji is mumbling her name.

“If everything could have happened as he expected then she would be his wife now, but she married somebody and he passed away.

Now she is a widow. Whose fault it is?”

Few years back ....

Balaji was on the road with his cycle gaping at the names of the tiffin centers. Usually by that time, he would have completed his breakfast. But he bored to eat breakfast at the same place, so this time he wanted to change it and began the search.

“Here you go… I like the name ‘Maha Lakshmi tiffin center’. Hopefully the food might be good here”, he thought and parked his cycle on road side.

He entered inside; it was a small shed. A medium size table and 6 chairs were arranged for customers. It appeared they extended their house to tiffin center; so he could see a path inside the shed which connects to their home.

However, there was a curtain, which doesn’t allow persons in shed to see inside. A middle aged woman at the front side of shed was preparing tiffin for the customers. Two people were eating. Few left over plates were on the table, seems not yet cleaned.

He sat on a chair. Woman at the front side shouted and said to someone inside curtain to take care of him. Then a girl came out from the curtain and stood in front of him.

Balaji didn’t expect a girl from inside, so he gazed at her with a bit surprise.

“What do you want?” she asked with a local slang tone.

“Hmm… what do you have?” Balaji asked. A question as an answer to a question.

She told the items that they have.

Balaji ordered few items. She went to the front section to get his order.

He was surprised to see a pretty girl in that tiffin center. He was observing her when she was putting items on plate for him.

She was average height, dark thick hair and fair in complexion. Her eyes were bright and warm, very cute baby like nose, slightly plump lips that weren't too big or too wide. However, her outfit doesn’t adequate for the “Modern” style.

“She might be owner daughter and helping during her leisure time”, He thought.

“Here is your order”, she put the plate on the table and took the empty plates inside.

After few minutes, Balaji completed it, “It’s not that great. But I can come here for few days”, he thought.

When he was ready to pay, she came to collect the money.

He observed that she didn’t talk by looking straight at his eyes. He gave few notes first, and then the remaining amount he pulled few coins from his pocket.

When he was trying to put coins on her palm, she bends it, such that there was likely possibility that his finger could tough her palm.

He shocked by her gesture. “Oh… BS… so rigid type”, he felt and left the place.

He continued to have his breakfast every day at that place. Four days passed already. No change in her behavior or gesture. But still Balaji not disappointed. Day by day she appeared more beautiful to him. He tried to know more details by talking with her, but he was not able to do that because of the crowd.

He noticed she had a troublesome younger brother around 10 years old. Sometimes she comes along with him. There were few other engineering students also coming to this place to compete with him. She behaved the same way with them as well. So he got attracted more by her character besides of her beauty.

That day Saturday, he woke up late, so he went late to tiffin center. There were no people, and even the old woman was not there.

“Hello anybody there”, He asked and then she came out.

She smiled at him. Balaji amazed to see her with a smile. She never smiled at him before. Since no one around so he thought of…

(To be continued …)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Impossible - Part 3

“Yes, there is a difference. In other websites video chatting service, people can talk and see others. But we provide a feel and touch experience in it”, Chinni is smirking.

“I didn’t understand”, Anil kept his face in a question mark.

“I designed a small digital cover by using computer waste, which can be fitted on any mouse. This will bring the touching feel to the person who ever using it. For e.g. a father watching his child video in chat, can actually touch him. He can feel him by clicking with his mouse on child cheeks of video”, Chinni continuing.

Anil looked at him unbelievably.

“This whole process requires knowledge on both hardware and software; I developed an algorithm in the website which facilitates this. We will send this digital cover to users who ever registers in our website and they can put it on their mouse and do the video chat.

So what do you think?” Chinni asked.

Anil didn’t believe. But he knows the ability of Chinni.

“I want to experience it personally”, He said.

Chinni arranged demo of it.

“See, as of now my website can support only one session at a time because of the limitation, Ok”. He arranged a video chat with Anil.

Anil logged into the website, and he is able to see Chinni’s video. Chinni already set the digital cover on his mouse.

Chinni showed his hand in video and asked Anil to click with his mouse on it. He did it.

He felt that as he really touched the Chinni’s hand. He tried several times, always like feeling.

“WoW, Chinni, you are brilliant. This is unbelievable… Marvelous”, Anil is shouting historically.

“But, to make it public, we need money to buy computer servers also computer waste to make that digital cover”, Chinni said.

“Don’t worry; my uncle is a bank manager. So, we can demonstrate this and ask for a loan. Regarding computer waste, we can get it from engineering college or from internet centers”, Anil said.

Things happened so fast, bank approved to give a loan. They got a lot of computer wastage from college and internet cafes. They bought computer servers and deployed web servers on it.

First this is spread in Anil’s College, everyone had gone crazy by that concept. They all registered in the webpage.

The population to the website increased day by day. After few months, he deployed additional servers to serve more users.

After 1 year, it became a massive hit in the internet world. All most whoever is doing video chat, they are doing using Chinni’s website.

Govt has given an award to him as he is utilizing the computer waste effectively and helping the environment.

Chinni got his degree and Anil also completed his engineering. Both are spending the time to run that website.

A multi billion dollar software company came forward to buy that website by offering lump-sum amount. Initially they refused to sell the website, but since company also offered director posts to both of them and Chinni has few other thoughts, which he can accomplish with the help of this company, so eventually they agreed to sell.

That became hot news; it came in all newspapers and TV’s. That agreement had been considered one of the expensive in recent times.

Chinni didn’t forget who ever helped him. He constructed a super market in his area, and made his grand-mother as owner of it as she refused to leave her place and go with him.

He also constructed an English tutorial for his master and provided a job to his son. He helped internet cafe owner, so that he could able to expand his internet center to few more areas in the city.

Later he convinced his company chairman the importance of the employee colonies near to office, and made it possible. Company constructed houses to all employees near to office with world class facilities by deducting nominal amount from the salary. Everyone appreciated for that decision.

Especially Vikram, he applied for a post in that company. He got attracted because of the pay also the concept of employee colonies that the company providing. He has no idea that whomever he said hang to death, is indeed one of directors of that company. And he is responsible for the idea of employee colonies.

Vikram entered into a room. He surprised after knowing that company director is taking his interview.

He saw a person sitting on a chair, wear expensive blazer…appeared very neat and elegant.

He looked at Vikram and asked him to sit. Vikram didn’t recognize him at all.

Chinni looked at him and asked,”Hi Vikram, What made you apply to this company?”

Vikram said, ”Hmm… I like the idea of employee colonies. I dreamed about it for several years ago, and of course your pay”, he smiled.

“Ok, your resume is very impressive, and your experience shows how talented you are. So, I’m not going to ask any technical questions. I ask attitude related questions. I hope that is Ok with you”, Chinni said by holding his pen tightly.

“Certainly sir”, Vikram looked Cocky.

“A person who looks awkward, doesn’t know how to speak English, didn’t even pass his 5th grade. But has a determination and strong will to do anything, wants to get a software job, just because he wants to wear a nice dress like you. So what do you think? Will he get the software job? Or we need to hang this person to death because he is useless to the society”, Chinni asked by looking at Vikram face carefully.

Vikram stalled. He recalled these words. His voice is quivering, “Yes sir, he can definitely get it”.

“Are you sure Vikram?” Chinni stressed his words.

Vikram understood with whom he is talking now. He is the one with whom he said one time useless to the society.

He got up from the chair and said, “Sorry sir, I was in a frustration. I should not have spoken in that way. My congratulation for your success”, he is ready to exit the room.

“Vikram, please sit. I don’t want to hurt you, and I’m not blaming you. I know you said in frustration. But the point that i want to convey is simple, ‘Nothing is impossible’. Anyone can accomplish anything, only thing that is required is spirit, strategy and hard work. I can say you are one of the reason for my position. I should thank you for that. But please don't judge others by appearance also don't underestimate others talent.”, Chinni said.

He opened the drawer and hand over offer letter to him.

“Here is your offer letter. Congratulations”, Chinni is smiling.

Impossible - Part 2

During this week, Chinni has done some ground work. He roamed the city, met different people and gathered some information about software job.

After a week he contacted his master.

“Hey Chinni, how are you?” he deliberately want to avoid the topic.

“Sir, I gathered all the information”, he explained what he gathered.

Master observed that there is no change in his determination or interest.

But still he didn’t believe that, it is possible for a person like Chinni to get that Hi-fi job. However he doesn’t want to discourage him further.

“Ok Chinni, I really appreciate your determination. So the first think that you have to do is getting grip on spoken and written English. You start learning from today onwards”, he stopped for a while.

Then he asked, “Do you know how to read english?” he asked looking at him questionably as he knows his capacity in English. He hardly knows alphabets.

Chinni felt ashamed to answer that question. He kept his face down and said “No”.

But immediately raised his head and said, “But, I can learn it”

“Hmm... “, master is rubbing his head with his hand. Though he appreciated Chinni’s determination, he worried that Chinni is living in dreams. How come a person who don’t know how to read and write English can get a software job? Only time will tell what can happen.

He knows Chinni since from his childhood. Both parents died in an accident when he was studying 5th standard. That accident happened in front of him. He is so disturbed after that incident. He almost lost his mind, not able to concentrate on studies. Master and his grandmother tried many ways to make him normal, but that didn’t happen instantly.

After many years, he slowly recovered. But he lost his studies.

“Ok, Chinni. You come daily morning and evening. So I will teach you basic English, OK?” His thought is at least he will learn English.

Chinni delighted after hearing that, his face bloomed like a 100 watts bulb.

“Thank you very much sir”, he shook his hand and returned home.

His grandmother is running a small grocery shop. She never saw him so happy.

“Chinni, what happened? You look so happy today?” She is getting ready to arrange dinner for him.

“I’m learning English and going to get a big job, that’s why I’m happy. Once I get that job, you no need to run this shop anymore”, Chinni said. His voice sounded honestly.

She burst into tears after hearing that. She knows how much struggle he had gone through after his parent’s dismissal. He is the only hope why she is still alive. She wanted him to do some Govt job. When he left his studies, she is the only person who believed that someday he will change.

She approached him and kissed on his fore-head and said, "I know one day you are going to get a big job".

After that he finished his dinner and slept.

Next day when he is getting ready, his grandmother gave some money and asked him to use it to buy books.

Chinni knows how valuable that money.

He left his home and reached master house.

His study started that day.

“Chinni, you always remember that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, so nothing can happen over a night. Some time it will take a lot of time than you can imagine. You must be patience. You should have a plan … work hard… should not lose your interest and focus. You should keep trying until you reach your goal, Ok”, the first thing master told to him before starting the lesson.

“I never lose the focus until I get that job”, Chinni said confidently.

First few weeks were very difficult to Chinni as he struggle to know the basics of the English. Slowly he got grip on the subject.

Meanwhile he joined in internet café as a helper. He made friend-ship with the owner; through him he learned basics of computers and internet.

First he watched how his owner was repairing the defective desktops. Later he got a grip on computer hardware and was able to repair on his own.

His owner impressed with his work and allowed him to browse the internet in leisure period.

There he met Anil, who is doing engineering in computer science in same city. Anil recognized Chinni’s talent as he repaired his desktop many times. He is one with whom Chinni started speaking in English.

“Chinni, I heard that you want to get a software job? Is that true? Why didn’t you tell me before”, Anil asked by keeping his voice angrily.

He first smiled, “When I joined here, I used to tell to everyone whoever comes here. But they looked at me like a crazy person, so I stopped telling. After that I met you. But, yes that is my goal”, Chinni said, his voice is firm.

“I know your talent. You will definitely get that job, but you must have a degree to get it. Otherwise, how much ever talent you have, they won’t give you that job. You may get the job, but that would be like a helper what you are doing here”, Anil stopped and looked at Chinni’s face for reaction.

Chinni is thinking... he didn’t realize about getting a degree so far.

“But, don’t worry; you can do it through distance education. I’ll help you to apply for that”, Anil said.

Chinni relieved and hugged him to show his gratitude for his help.

He applied for distance education, and it got approved.

Days are passing so fast. Chinni became so busy in his studies and work. He is attending English classes in morning, after that working in internet café, evening spending time to get the degree.

Anil introduced web page designing to Chinni casually. He understood how important this subject in internet. He decided to learn it and develop a new page on his own.

Within a month he learned the webpage design. He got an idea for new webpage. He spend several days to implement the prototype of his idea. Finally he could able to finish it. He approached Anil to share his work with him.

“Anil, I decided to start a new webpage. The concept is, whoever registers in this webpage, they can do video chatting freely with anyone”, He said and slurped water from the bottle.

Anil Shrugged and said, “What’s so different this video chatting than others?”