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Two little friends

That was Mahatma Gandhi general hospital. Ramana was lying on bed in ICU and fighting for his life as his body burnt entirely in a fire-accident; Doctors told that there were doing their best to save him but wounds were very severe. His daughter Vani and his wife Malathi were standing outside of ICU.  Malathi was holding Vani’s hand and moaning. She was praying god that nothing should happen to him. Vani doesn’t know why mummy looked so tensed, but seeing her like that makes her worry. Prabhakar was also standing outside of the ICU room with his daughter Chitra’. Ramana was house-keeper in Prabhakar’s home.
After sometime, Ramana body stopped responding to doctor medicines. Doctors checked pulse and confirmed his inevitable thing. They closed his body with white cloth and called his family inside. Ramana’s wife went inside and burst into tears. She cried a lot. Vani didn’t know what happened to her daddy and why mummy was crying like that. But tears were coming from her eyes to see her mummy crying. Her friend Chitra hugged Vani and told her not to cry. Prabhkar crunched his head with his two hands and sobbing. “I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you… you are a great man”, he was blabbering.
Few months ago ...

Prabhkar was working as a forest officer; actually he doesn’t necessarily require to do any job as he has so many assets inherited from his fore-fathers. The money that he gets from those assets was sufficient enough for him to live luxury life. However, he loves nature so much, so he has chosen that job so he could spend most of his time with nature. He bought a house near to a lake for the beautiful scenery. When he had moved to that house, all of sudden his wife got paralysis, hence then she stays most of the time in a wheel chair. He has been giving treatment to her, but she didn’t recover fully. He has a 5 years old daughter, her name is Chitra. Since her mother was like that, and no one was there to take care of her kid, so he recruited Ramana’s family as care takers. Ramana settled as a cook and his wife, Malathi was responsible to take care of Chitra's mother. Ramana also has a daughter, her name is Vani. She was also 5 years old.
Initially they didn’t talk with each other, but slowly Vani and Chitra became very close friends. They used to play near the lake and spend lot time together. Chitra used to dress up well as per her status, but Vani used to wear normal clothes. Chitra mentioned few times to Vani as she can give her dresses to her, as she has so many dresses in her beruva. Chitra looks pretty and elegant in her manners. But Vani was not like that, though they have so many differences in their appearance, but still they had continued their friendship.
Prabhakar was an arrogant; he inherited the feudal characteristics from his fore-father as he always sees the backward-caste people as salves. He didn’t like his daughter to make friendship with a servant’s daughter.
He warned few times his kid, but he didn’t give a proper answer when his daughter asks innocently, “Why daddy I should not talk to her?” Sometimes he says, she doesn’t look pretty, so you should n’t do friendship with her. But her mother encouraged to continue friendship with Vani.
Days were going very quickly and day by day their friend-ship became stronger and stronger. One day Chitra was sitting along with Vani and eating food given by Ramana with his own hands. That day, Prabhakar mood was not good as he had lost one of the Govt contract. The moment he entered inside home, he noticed that Chitra was laughing and eating food along with Vani. His face became red with angry and went straight to them and kicked the food plate holding by Ramana. The food was splattered across the hall.
“How dare you to feed your cheap food to my daughter… get away from my daughter… if I see either you or your daughter next time with my kid… I don’t know what I do”, he yelled on Ramana and went away with his kid.
Ramana stunned to see him like that. Vani was terrified and started crying.
“Why daddy, uncle always says don’t talk to her? I’m not looking pretty, that’s why? ”, she asked him innocently. Ramana didn’t know what answer to give her. Though the Govt is trying to eradicate the differences between poor and rich, still in many places people despise the schedule caste people. They treat them as slaves. Until there is a change in people attitude, we can’t see a real caste-less society, Ramana thought and tears started rolling from his eyes.
One day Chitra and Vani were playing hide and seek game. Chitra was hiding inside the kitchen and closed the door. Vani was looking for her in all rooms. Then all of sudden there was a short-circuit in the kitchen and sparks came from it, within no time fire started inside. Chitra was terrified to see fire and started screaming loud. Ramana was outside at the garden. He felt that there was something wrong in the kitchen. He immediately went to the kitchen front door and tried to open it. But it didn’t open. The smoke was coming from inside. He understood that the door was locked from inside. He didn’t have time to call fire-engine. He went other side of the kitchen and jumped inside through a window. It was totally dark because of the smoke. The flames were spreading quickly every-corner of the room. He saw Chitra was lying in a corner. He grabbed her and ready to leave the room, then suddenly the gas-cylinder which was kept on stool fell on his right leg. That caused his leg-fracture, he screamed because of the pain. He understood that he couldn’t move, and it was too late for him to escape along with Chitra. Since he was near to window, he had thrown her from it with a full force. She fell on the grass. After that he caught in that fire. Ramana’s wife observed the fire and called the fire engine. By the time they had arrived, Ramana body burnt fully. Prabhakar came quickly from office and he stalled after knowing that Ramana caught in fire while escaping his daughter.

In hospital, Prabhakar realized how cruelly he behaved with Ramana and with his daughter. But still he saved his kid by putting his life in danger. He held Vani’s hand and took away from the ICU room and said, “See Vani, daddy was not feeling well… so he is sleeping… he might take few days to come home again from hospital … but don’t worry … we are all there to take care of you … I’ll buy toys and dresses for you… and even you can play with Chitra too, Ok”, Vani eyes were sparked as he allowed her to play with her best friend that is only she ever wanted.
Later Prabhakar treated her equally with his daughter. And he joined her in the same school Chitra was going. Since then Vani and Chitra were happily playing at their favorite place of near the Lake.

Mysterious friend

Lakshmi was waiting for her daughter Kavya to return home. Recently Kavya started playing with some unknown kid at the river side. That river is just few yards from their home. She told to her mother as that stranger is her new mysterious friend. Their home is located in the suburb at the edge of a small forest. Kavya’s father Hari is very fond of that home as he had spent most of his childhood days in it. Though it is far from the town, he decided to live in it. There is a two meter wall around the property and one can see a beautiful juicy green grass surrounding to it.

When they moved there, Kavya was a year old kid. After Kavya, doctors told, it is difficult for Lakshmi to have another child. So they started taking care of her with utmost care. When Kayva turned five, she had realized that she wanted more friends to play, but beside of her home, there were no other homes so no kids to play with her. She felt very bored. Once in a while they used to go to their friend’s home in town to spend some time with their kids. But for Kavya that was not enough.

Many times Lakshmi asked Hari to move to some other home near to town just for Kavya, so she could find many friends there, but he keeps postponing it. Meanwhile, Kavya got used to play alone and spend a lot of time at the river side.

When the days were going like this, one day Kavya came home happily and told that she got a friend at the river side. Lakshmi was surprised as per as she knows, there were no one living near to their home, so there is no chance for anyone to come there to play. But when Kavya described her like how she talks, how she looks, then she started believing that that girl could be coming from a nearby village. As per her description, she was same age of Kavya and every day she comes by just wearing a kid’s panty. But Lakshmi was curious to know how come such a small girl comes alone from a village.

She asked Kavya to bring her to home. But she refused to bring her as her friend doesn’t like to come to their home. And her friend told to Kavya that no one should see her; otherwise she wouldn’t meet her again. After hearing that, Lakshmi started suspecting her friend. She told to Hari about Kavya’s mysterious friend. But he didn’t care much about it.

That day Lakshmi decided at any cost she should find who was she? So she prepared Kavya’s favorite sweet to sooth her and find more details about her friend. She was waiting for her to come back. After some time, she came.

“Hi Sweety, you know what I prepared for you. Can you guess?”, she said by carrying her.

“Hey… mummy… I know you prepared Gulab Jamun … I like it”, She was very happy. Lakshmi nodded and took her to the kitchen and gave a Gulab Jamun. While she was eating, she asked, “Sweety, does your friend also like Gulab Jamun ?”

“Yes, mummy”, she said gulping the Jamun.

Why don't you take this to your friend? She might feel very happy, Ok”, she said by giving a box to her.

“Ya, you are right mummy. She feels very happy… you are very nice”, she said by taking that box.

“Will you go now? Are your friend still be at the river side “, she asked by looking at her carefully.

“Yes, mummy she stays always there. Even she doesn’t have any friends…, so I go and give it right now”, she said and ready to leave home.

“Ok, come quickly … and be careful alright”

“Yes… mummy and my friend feels very happy after seeing this sweet… bye”, she said and went outside.
After few seconds, Lakshmi followed her, and she was extremely careful so that Kavya won’t notice her. When she reached the bay, she was stunned after seeing what Kavya was doing. Actually there was no one other than Kavya at that place. She was talking alone and feeding Gulab Jamun in air. She was talking such a way that someone was sitting beside of her. Lakshmi went quickly and stood in front of Kavya and shouted, “Sweety… What are doing alone here?”,

Kavya looked startled after seeing her.

“Mummy… Why you came? I told you shouldn’t come her... see…my friend left”, she muffled.
“Shut-up… you don’t have any friends here... you were talking alone… “, she said in hysteric manner.

Kavya has never seen her mother like that. She started crying, “I was talking with my friend… not talking myself… she left because you came.”

“Enough… come home”, she grabbed her hand and took her to home.

When they reached home, Kavya was still crying and went inside of her bedroom and closed the door. Lakshmi was terribly upset to see her kid talking alone. She waited for Hari to come home, so that she could share what happened today to him.

“Oh… that is very common baby… kids sometimes behaves like that… they make friendship with imaginary people… and they talk with them… so don’t make it as a big issue… take it easy”, Hari said to her when she told about what happened that day.

She didn’t expect that answer from him as she thought he would take Kavya to some doctor for check-up.
“But… honey… it is not good behavior for anyone to talk on their own… so can we take her to the hospital?“, She is worried.

“I told you … take it easy… it’s not that big problem… alright … I’ve to take a bath”, he said and went to the bathroom.

But Lakshmi was not convinced at all; however she wanted to keep a close eye on her daughter actions. Her worry was doubled when Kavya one day told her that her friend came to her bedroom to talk to her as since after that incident Lakshmi was not allowing Kavya to go to the river side.
“What did she tell to you?” she was curious to know.

“She is very angry on you mummy as you are not allowing me to talk to her. She told that she would kill you… but I pleaded her not to do that… she is not like before… she is changed so much… I’m afraid mummy”, she is frightened.

Lakshmi face turned pale and terrified to hear “Killing” word from five years old kid mouth. She hugged her immediately, “nothing is going to happen Sweety… don’t worry … ok”, she tried to sooth her. Inside she thought, why the hell she was talking like that; she strongly determined to take her to the doctor before situation goes out of her hands.

“I don’t understand what’s the matter with you… you are not listening my words… we must take her to the doctor… she is behaving like a crazy girl… today she said her imaginary friend is going to kill me… do you wait until she turns to a MAD girl”, Lakshmi was shouting on Hari.

“Calm down Lakshmi… nothing is going to happen … just wait for few days everything is going to be alright”, Hari was trying to calm down her.

“When… when it will happen… you don’t like to change the house...You don’t like to take her to doctor… you don’t like anything to happen… why? I have to know today … that’s it”, she was shouting in a hysteric manner.

“No … we can't take her to any doctor… because… “, Hari stopped and he didn’t know what else to tell.
“Because… why??? Why we can’t take her to any doctor??? Now I’m realizing why… because you don’t like her… you don’t have any affection on her… “,

Hari got angry and crunched his fist, “Shut-up… I didn’t want to take her… because there is NO HER… our Sweety is NO MORE … yes… OUR KID IS DEAD … when we moved here… you took her in a boat on the river… but… that time the boat crashed into tree and flipped. And you both had fallen in the river… you were able to survive, but our Sweety had drowned to death... “, he burst into tears.

She was shocked and looking at him unbelievably.

He continued, “after that incident… you didn’t believe that our kid is no more… you started behaving as if she is still alive and playing with us… you constructed a dream world, where our Sweety lived with us and has grown up… it was you… you didn’t like to change home, because if we move to a different home.. you might recall that Sweety is no more…, but you didn’t want that… you wanted to live in your dream world … and feel our Sweety presence… but you don’t understand… how much torture I had gone through by seeing you like that … “, he stopped.

“No… you are telling lies… our Sweety is alive… I can show you… she is sleeping… she is alive“, Lakshmi muttered and fell on floor unconsciously.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flying cars

How many of you have seen the “Back to the future-II” Or “Minority report” films? In these films, they showed that in the future, may be in year 2015 or 2050, people use flying cars for their daily commutation as like how we use normal cars on roads at present. It’s not just in that movie; flying cars are the norm for almost all futuristic films. Now, we are in Mid-2012, do we see any sign of this going to happen even in near future? What are the difficulties in making of these crazy cars? I reckon time's up for roads, with their mile-long traffic jams and pedestrian crossings. How great would it be to just take to the skies, where we could avoid traffic jams by simply flying over the other cars? Isn’t that cool? But still why we could not able to achieve it? Is it very expensive to produce these cars? Many questions to be answered, let’s explore and try to find the answers.
What is a flying car?
A flying car, as the name implies, is a vehicle that can be flown in the air and used on the roads. That means, it obviously has to have the basic characteristics of an aircraft (like propellers) and a car (like road tires). It would have to be light enough to fly in the air and strong enough to move on the road. Because a flying car would have the ability to land and drive, it would have to be able to take the impact of hitting the road and then moving on it uninterrupted, smoothly. Besides, it would have to be installed with additional safety features before being released for the public use. Actually the first flying-car experiment had started in 18th century; however that was a big failure. After that many experiments started towards it. Let’s see the brief history.
Brief history of flying cars
The first working flying car prototype was built in 1917 by Glenn Curtiss. The Autoplane was a small craft at only 27 feet long, and could only carry a payload of 710 pounds. But the Autoplane never achieved sustained flight. It made a few hops, but it was destined to go down in history as the flying car that never really flew.

Here is the table with all different flying cars attempted in the last century.








Glenn Curtiss


The Autoplane never truly flew, but it did manage a few short hops.



Waldo Waterman


A lack of funding killed the project.



Robert Fulton


It was the first flying car to be certified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Despite his success, Fulton couldn't find a reliable financial backer.



Henry Dreyfuss


Plans to market the car ended when it crashed on its third flight.



Molt Taylor


Failed to go mass production due to lack of more advance orders.



Henry Smolinski


During a flight test and the vehicle crashed, killing its inventor.

These inventors never managed to develop a viable flying car, and some even died testing their inventions. However, they proved that a car could be built to fly, and inspired a new group of roadable aircraft enthusiasts. With advances in lightweight material, computer modeling and computer-controlled aircraft, the dream is very close to becoming reality.

The inventors of the early flying cars worked more on adapting a car to fly in the air while the recent inventions of flying cars have been in adapting an aircraft for asphalt roads.

Basic elements of a flying car

Whatever may be the case, a modern personal air vehicle should contain a powerful engine, which is capable of lifting the vehicle up and at same time able to drive on road. Most likely, it should contain double engine as a back-up. It must also have wings or aircraft blades for flying, but those wings should easily be detachable or foldable. Another important thing is, the material used in flying car as it should be lightweight and strong to sustain the damages during the travel.A flying car will have to be run on Eco-friendly, safe and inexpensive fuel, for better success in the market.

Most crucial point is the safety. The main reason aircraft manufactures haven't invested much in trying to offer low-cost private aircraft has probably got to do something with safety issues related to flight. Air accidents are more dangerous and fatal than road accidents. So if the inventors of a flying car are aiming the market of the masses, they will have to make it safe. For that, they will have to include features like safety cages, air bags, parachutes and/or crush zones, etc. Because of all the requirements needed for it to work, a functional flying car might seem complicated and difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. Let’s see what modern inventors are offering to us.

Modern Flying Cars

After almost a century of investigation on flying cars by earlier inventors, there are still some obstacles to overcome, including receiving the approval from the FAA. Nevertheless, the dream of flying cars are close to being finished by the modern inventors and the cars would fill the skies in next few decades.
( Courtesy : How stuff works and Wiki )