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Meghana – behind the scenes

First, thanks a lot to all you guys, who spend some of your time to read the Meghana story. I hope you enjoyed it :) . I like thriller and suspense stories a lot. But if you see all my previous blogs, majority were “Love” stories ( few exceptions like “Enemy” etc…) So I decided to write a thriller and suspense (long) story. In fact it was kind of ‘mini” Novel. But I was little skeptical about the responses, because people tend to favor love stories than the thrillers here (Correct me if I’m wrong ;) ). However, I started writing and able to finish it up. Nevertheless, in beginning of the series, I got very poor responses, so thought of scraping this story, but again changed my mind :)

Here I just want to let you know few behind the scenes of Meghana story. I hope you feel interested.

1) Sandhya was the name first I thought for the main character Meghana. In fact I started writing the series with name “Megana”, but changed to Meghana (please check ‘h’) later.

2) I initially thought her profession as ‘Sales girl’. Later changed because BPO is more opt to the readers .

3) I thought of showing ‘Watch man’ in her PG as one of the main-suspect. But later some reason, I didn’t put that.

4) Vijay’s father involvement was not planned in the beginning of the story. Which I developed later.

5) All names were changed like Meghana boyfriend name was changed from Sumanth to Allush ( funny thing here is, allush is my daughters friend name  ), Meghana uncle name was changed from Santhosh to Sudhkar rao etc.

6) Meghana boss was also supposed to be one of the suspects, but that also got dropped.
The main plot was not changed. The whole story was based on that point.

I have spent a month to finish this whole story. I wanted to use professional (like in Indian Novels, but not like in western novels :) ) language while describing the scenes in this story, so I took lot of care before posting it, like proof reading with my friend and editing multiple times etc.

Finally, Let me know your views about this story ( I just want to know one more time :) ) and if you haven’t read it, now whole story is available in my blog. Please read it and let me know. Your comments means a lot :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

Meghana - 12 ( Final )

Vijay rushed to Sudhakar Rao's home along with his team. They saw the withered body of Sudhakar Rao soaked in blood. He was lying face down and stabbed on his back
He instructed his expert team to take photos and search for any finger prints. He looked at the servant, who was in the other room. He was trembling with fear.
Vijay approached him and asked,
“How did it happen?”
“I killed him”, he heard a voice with such anger but when he turned, all he could see was a woman with tears rolling down her cheeks.
A lady was standing in the kitchen corner with a knife. The knife was covered with blood which indicated that it was Sudhakar's murder weapon.
Her hair, dresses were not proper and she looked totally exhausted and tired. It looked like some struggle had happened before the murder.
“Who are you?” Vijay asked in a surprise.
“I’m his wife and it is shame for me to say that”, she said in resentment.
“What are you saying? … You killed your husband… Why?”
“Not just my husband… I’m the one who killed Meghana …”, She grinned.
Vijay and Sunil looked each other faces in shock. Clearly it’s not a fact to be digested easily.
“You killed Meghana … “
She said, “Yes… indeed… I will tell the truth from the beginning and I am not ashamed for killing this heartless monster …”,
She dropped the knife to the floor and sat on the sofa and started telling her story,
“I’m actually his second wife … he married me because he didn’t have kids through his first wife. Like any other girl … I had dreamed of a wonderful married life. It started off well, he was well educated and worked in bank and financially we were sound. Apart from that he was very good artist. He drew many pictures of me. I was floating in air thinking I was lucky to be his wife.
After few years of marriage ….Slowly I came to know the real intentions of him… he was a sadist... he harassed me to do things that no married women will dare to do… he drew my nude pictures and showed it to his friends … I become a public joke for them.
I had many sleep-less nights… but I ignored all those pains because I loved him… I wanted him… I didn’t want to lose him. I struggled to make this marriage work and wanted him to lead a decent life with me.
God didn't have any mercy on me and to make the matter worse Meghana entered in our family. I initially thought he was taking care of her as a father… but later realized that it was all about the lust on her… I pleaded him not to indulge in these sinful activities … but he continued his relation with her…
They continued their relationship in my home, in front of me… it was a worst period of my life…”, she stopped talking and she wiped the tears that are coming uncontrollably from her eyes.
Then she continued – “They treated me like an extra baggage and ignored me in my own home. I have not studied much and my parents were no more. I have only one sister who is way younger than me and studying in hostel. If I had to support her I had to stay here and endure all the pains inflicted on me. I requested Meghana to stop this incest relationship and advised her about her future life. And the way these activities will affect my life as well. She didn’t listen to me, not even a single word not even my plea entered her heart. I had done what I could do and left everything the way it came. About that time ... It happened... God had answered my prayers and I got pregnant… I could see visible changes in him .He started taking care of me and I felt relaxed, he had even asked Meghana to go out from our house. She refused initially as was she afraid that her luxury life would go away, if she would stay outside. But he never gave her any option but to go out. So, she left us…
I thought good days have started in my life… but… but that bitch came to my home few months later… she said she had changed…and gave me something to eat and said it was Swami prasad from temple… I was so stupid to believe her and ate that thinking it was Swami prasad and few days later I got miscarriage… You can’t imagine how much I cried when I came to know that… my unborn kid dead … I was helpless… didn't know what to do. My motherhood was taken from me by that selfish bitch…
“Is there anything more worse than that...???”
Vijay was not able to answer her questions. He understood her, a mother's agony for losing the child. He had seen his own mother cry over the body of his brother. It was the worst moments of his life.
She continued - “After that incident he changed again… he despised me… and continued his relation with her… he made her a prostitute to get more money… all her customers were high level… who were well settled in the society… even her boss was one of her clients…” she stopped and looked straight at Vijay and said,
”One more thing ... you will never believe what I am going to say. You may feel nauseating to know the fact that. Your military father… he was one of Meghana’s customers. My husband introduced her to him. Your constable, Veeraya followed your father and he came to know that fact… but he didn’t know that they saw him … and my husband was afraid that if he informs you… then you would come to know everything… So he killed him, a simple Hit and Run case”.
Vijay now realized why his father behaved that way when he told Meghana’s full name, and why he got a dream like that.
He did fell nauseating … by the fact that can’t be ignored. The respect and awe he had for his father… everything had changed in a minute.
She continued – “Once he renewed his relation with her ... he stopped coming home. I couldn’t bare his absence. I had forgiven her for many mistakes… but he went to the extent of leaving me for her sake… So I decided to kill her and eliminate her once for all from our life…Nobody should get a doubt… I could trust only one person that was my cook… I requested her… she understood my pain… She promised to help me and I told her my plan. As per the plan, she joined as a cook in Meghana's PG . She continued in that PG until Meghana trusted her.
My cook used to prepare special food for her… no body in the PG knew about it. The time that I waited for so long came ... When Meghana returned that night from pub… as per the plan… my cook gave poisoned food to her... Meghana knew her well, so she didn’t question about the food… she ate that food and then she finally died and felt me in peace to relax.
Since it was midnight… nobody knew it”, She blurted.
“But… why did you kill your husband?” Vijay asked.
“Once she died… he came back to me and poured his love at my feet and begged me to forgive him for his mistakes and promised to be good. I thought he changed …
After few days he asked me to call my sister, who is studying 10th standard ,and bring her home from hostel and convinced me saying that we can adopt her.
I believed him and called her. But… that bastard had some other ideas… today… he tried to rape her… I begged him not to do… but he didn’t listen… and I didn’t know what else to do… I took that knife and stabbed him multiple times… that’s it… he died under my feet… now… no one has to suffer... i killed him… I should have done that long before but the love I had for him didn't let me do it.…”, she broke into tears and fell on the floor.
“Hmm…”, Vijay sighed and signaled Sunil to arrest her.
Sunil approached her and arrested her.
When he was about to take her …… she suddenly sprang from the floor and in a second took hold off the revolver from Vijay’s gun pocket and pointed the revolver to her head and pulled the trigger.
Everything happened so fast… no time for anyone to react… the blood splattered ever where… her body fell on floor… it was motionless.
The murder mystery case that created so much hype was closed. Vijay and his team were greatly appreciated for their efforts in solving the case.
After that incident, in guilty, Vijay’s father was not able to see his family especially his son who didn't reveal a thing to his mother and who requested the client list of Meghana not to be displayed in the newspapers.
Ashamed he left his family and disappeared.
One month later…
Vijay and Abihgnya’s Reception…
People from different facets of life attended the reception. Function was arranged in an open ground nicely decorated with flowers and fountains. It was close to midnight but still people were coming and greeting the new couples.
Abhignya looked beautiful and happy .Vijay noticed some one in the crowd. He felt that he had known that person . Some where he had seen her.
All he could notice standing from the stage, was a lady with beautiful White designer saree with glittering diamond bangles and ivory white watch and her flowing lose open hair. She stood like an angel from earth in her attire.
He tried to see her face. But he was not able to see clearly. Out of curiosity to know more about her,
He asked Abhignya "Is that your friend standing there in white saree?"
Abhignya puzzled and said, "Who"?
Vijay pointed in that direction but to his surprise his wife said, she doesn't see any lady there.
But Vijay was able to see the wicked smile on that lady face and suddenly it strike him and he thought,
"No, it cannot be possible... Megh... ??????"


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meghana - 11

It was almost 2 pm and most of the constables had gone for lunch.

While Vijay was about to go out he got a call from Veeraya …

He was surprised to see Veeraya calling him,as it happens very rarely.

He attended the call, “Yes, Veeraya …”,

“Sir, I’ve to tell you something … a burring fact… I confirmed it today. But don’t know how to tell”, Veeraya's voice was shaking and Vijay knew it and confused why Veeraya was in this state.

“What is it? Veeraya? Why is your voice shaking?”, Vijay was puzzled.

“It is about your f…” that’s it a big crushing sound came and call got disconnected.

It happened so suddenly that Vijay didn't know what happened or why the call got cut.

“Hello… hello … Veeraya …are you there?”, Vijay shouted.

After a while he confirmed that call got disconnected. He felt something was really wrong.

“What is it, sir?”, Sunil asked.

Vijay said, “Veeraya called… he was trying to say something … but all of sudden call got disconnected … something is wrong “

“Don’t worry sir… he is always like that even for small things he will worry so much… he will call again”, Sunil smiled.


15 Minutes later...his desk phone rang, he took it,


“Oh, where did it happen?”


“Which hospital?


“Ok”, Vijay disconnected.

“Sunil… There was an accident in M.G.Road… A hit and Run Case. Man in late 50's was hit and had been taken to hospital with seriously injury… we have to go now … ”, Vijay said and looked at Sunil.

Sunil didn’t understand why he was in such a hurry …

“The person was a police officer… but they didn’t tell me the name”, he said by taking his hat and ready to go. Sunil also came with him.

On the way, Vijay tried to call Veeraya’s cellphone … but call didn’t go. Some reason he felt uneasy…and Sunil felt very tensed…

They reached the hospital. The receptionist directed them to the ICU where they had admitted the person.

They went and saw the person through the ICU door, it was Veeraya…

Vijay was startled looking at Veeraya. Tears rolled down from Sunil’s eyes.

He turned to Vijay and said,

“Sir, please tell me, he is not my father … please … “, He begged him.

Vijay didn’t know what to say … it was hard to believe for himself…

“Sunil … be strong … we can save him… nothing will happen to him”, he said.

Doctor came from ICU and said, “Sorry sir… we tried our best … but it was too late… he passed away…”

Sunil fell to the ground and busted into tears after hearing that, “He wanted to see me as an Inspector… but he left before that…”, he was mumbling

He went inside and cried lying on his father's chest… it was difficult for Vijay to control him.

Vijay knew that he had to be strong at this point of time. He called the police station and informed them about the situation.

Then he spoke with the people, who admitted him in hospital,

As per witnessed people, a car hit him intentionally while he was talking over phone standing near the pavement, and it went away without stopping.

“So… someone killed him … “, Vijay muttered.

Doctors completed their formalities and handed-over the dead body to Sunil.

After that incident Vijay tried to trace the car, but could not find any details. He appointed few constables to trace and find that car.


Sunil came to police-station after few days… he appeared normal… but Vijay knew how much pain he must have gone-through.

Then one of the constable came to police station in a rush and said,

“Sir, AP Police caught Allush… they are bringing him here… our team just confirmed it … “

“Great”, Vijay smiled hearing that.

After a while, The AP Police entered the station with Allush , he was hand-cuffed.

AP Police officer said, “We traced Allush based on his SUV description … it's unfortunate for him that he didn’t leave his vehicle …” .

Vijay instructed his constables to keep him in lock-up and thanked the AP Police for their support. They obtained Vijay's signature in a form to confirm that they have handed-over Allush to him and left the police-station.

Once they left, Vijay rushed into the lock-up and clinched his fist and slammed Allush's nose … blood gushed out from his nose … he crawled to the floor with pain…

“What the hell? Why are you hitting me?”, he screamed by looking at the blood coming from his nose.

“Why did u kill Meghana?”, Vijay shouted.

Allush looked startled…

“So you are looking for me …. Because you thought I killed her …”, he muffled.

“Great... I didn’t kill her”.

“What …. What are blabbering about …. “, Vijay said angrily.

“Ok… wait a minute … give me a glass of water … I’ll tell everything from start…”, he said.

Vijay signaled his constable to give water to him. He gave glass of water to Allush and also cotton to cover his bloody nose.

He gulped the water …. And started telling to Vijay,

“I didn’t kill her … when she lost her parents … she become so close with his uncle… he was providing whatever she asked… When she was in her teens, she didn’t know why that rogue pampered her… he took that as his advantage … slowly he made sexual relationship with her … he continued that relation for many years until his wife caught them in bedroom. After that his wife forced her out of the house … so she left the house and looked for a job … though she got a job… the salary she received was not enough to satisfy her luxurious life … she contacted her uncle again for money … “, he stopped and took a break for some time.

Vijay and Sunil were shell shocked hearing this …

He continued … “That bastard got a great idea … he used her and through her he impressed his higher officers and got promotion … for more money he made her a high level prostitute … he kept it as a secret … nobody knows … she used to go to office regularly … At times she entertained big shots in the society for money… but slowly she realized that how much she had lost in life doing this… one day she refused to do and informed her uncle that she can’t do those things any more… during that time I met her… we became very close… she told everything to me… and we started living together in my apartment happily”, he stopped.

“What happened next?” Vijay asked as he is trying to see how much truth he is telling.

“Don’t know but after sometime she again started complaining that money was not sufficient … she didn’t leave her lavish life style… she wanted more money… I gave my full salary to her… but still she was not satisfied… she had put so much pressure on me … so I had to do something to get more money … about that time… I did a mistake… I did that for her… I decided to steal money from customer’s bank accounts … she also helped me… it continued for a while… suddenly … one day they came to know the fraud… wisely she escaped by complaining about me. They arrested me … I didn’t digest the fact that she complained about me… but still I forgave her thinking about the good times we had. She felt sorry for what she had done and begged me to be with her.

we decided to go Dubai … for that I continued to do many other frauds activities to collect the money … but …. That loafer … her uncle killed her… he didn’t want her to leave to Dubai as he wanted her to satisfy all his needs...”, he blurted everything.

“Hmm…”, Vijay took a time to grasp whatever he told so far.

“Then why did you escape after seeing me”, he asked.

“I did many online scams and cheated people for money and police were looking for me… so I thought you came to arrest me … but I didn’t realize that you came for Meghana's case”, he said.

“Do you have any evidence to prove that you didn’t kill her”, he just wants to confirm that he really not killed her.

“No… I don’t have any evidence to prove that… but you please go and check that loafer, Meghana’s uncle … you will get many evidence to prove that he killed her…”, he grumbled.

Vijay came out the cell and signaled the constables to lock the cell.

“He might be telling the truth… It is better to obtain a search warrant and do through search in Sudhakar Rao's home”, he thought.

While Vijay was deep in his thought’s,

The phone rang … Sunil attended the call … he was shocked after hearing the news that was conveyed.

“Sir, Meghana’s Uncle is dead … his servant called … he saw him on floor drenched in his blood”, he screamed.

“What the hell???”, Vijay was shocked.

( Close to end … )

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meghana - 10

Vijay didn’t think of anything but only catching him, so he too jumped. Sunil remained at the patio as he didn’t dare to jump 25 foot floor.

Allush ran towards the basement and Vijay chased after him. When Vijay entered inside basement, he didn’t see Allush anywhere… he looked around… his leg was paining … may be a hair line fracture because of the jump …

He removed his short-gun from his gun-pocket and kept it in hand.

“Allush… I know you are hiding here… you can’t escape from me… surrender yourself… “, he shouted.

Then to his shock he heard a vehicle’s accelerating sound with full power and it appeared as though... it is coming very near him…

When he looked back… black SUV was coming fast towards him with mad speed… in a mill-second time… he jumped back… and the SUV brushed past him and went ahead.

Vijay understood that it was Allush. The vehicle has gone outside of the basement. Vijay got up and chased the vehicle up to outside. But the SUV was too fast, he was unable to reach it and his pain was excruciating.

He looked at his bike, which was parked outside. He managed to quickly start it and drove towards the vehicle.

He accelerated his bike to maximum speed, then after a minute, he noticed the SUV. He alerted patrolling police through radio to look out for a Black Toyota SUV. He described the vehicle and which side it was going. Since it was mid-night, there was very less traffic.

Beggars who were sleeping on pavements were surprised to see the chase and the commotion the speed created.

After few minutes of chasing, he drove beside the vehicle just in alignment to get the driver's view and shouted to stop the vehicle looking at Allush.

He laughed and showed his middle finger. He really looked so crazy driving at such speed and he tried to squeeze Vijay’s bike by driving the SUV to crush him between the vehicle and the side pavement ;

Vijay managed to slow a bit and went back side of the SUV avoiding the crash in pavement.

Vijay desperately waited for the patrolling police officers. But time was very less and anytime he might crush him with his vehicle.

He felt, he had no option but to shoot the vehicle, so he aimed his pistol for the SUV tires and shot it, but unfortunately missed. Vijay raged over the missing and found it difficult to shoot while driving the bike.

It looked like Allush heard the shooting sound, so he increased his vehicle speed. Vijay also increased the speed of his bike. They entered the deserted Hosur flyover.

Vijay was back side of the Allush SUV and trying to over-take, but he was driving like a snake and not giving any changes to Vijay.

Allush smiled to himself..........when he pressed the brake.

It was so sudden and the impact was a disaster … Vijay bike strike the back side of SUV and he lost his balance and didn't have any time to react. He was thrown into air and his bike plunged into the back side of the SUV…

Just like a leave falling from the tree and reaching the ground, Vijay fell to the ground except for the speed and force with which he fell can’t be compared.

Allush drove near to Vijay and looked at him. Vijay was loosing his consciousness.

Allush said,“Don’t ever try to catch me again!!” and drove away.

Vijay lost his consciousness.


Next day when he opened his eyes… he was in a hospital. His head had a bandage and left leg as well his right arm was in bandage.

He saw his mother and father. His mother noticed that he opened his eyes.

“Vijay, how are you feeling? What happened?” her eyes turned moist.

“I already told you not to join in police department, see what had happened now. If something worse happened… just like your brother....” she didn’t complete her sentence and started sobbing.

His father took her outside.

When Vijay tried to remembering the things, his head was paining… it took a while for him to recall what happened last night.

After remembering that Allush escaped, he clinched his fist in anger.


In the meantime, Veeraya revealed shocking news to Sunil.

“I can’t believe it, are you sure?”, Sunil puzzled.

“Sunil, even I was unable to believe but I saw Vijay sir's father talking to Meghana’s Uncle”, Veeraya said.

“That’s what I’m asking. Why on earth Vijay sir's father talked to her Uncle. You might have mistaken by seeing someone else”, Sunil said irritatingly.

Veeraya argued, “No, Sunil. Though I have seen Meghana’s uncle only once, I can still remember him”,

“See, daddy. I don’t know whom you have seen. Right now Vijay sir is in hospital. Don’t bring this topic in front of him and make him worry. And more over the killer is identified, it was that Allush. So please be quite”, Sunil grumbled and left from the place.

“Hmm… May be I’m getting old… so my vision is not good enough to recognize the person… otherwise why sir's father was with Meghana’s uncle”, Veeraya muttered.


In Hospital, Abhignya came along with Sunil to see Vijay.

“Oh! You woke up. How are you feeling sir?” Sunil asked.

He shook his head indicating that he is feeling better.

“Yesterday patrolling guys got you on Hosur. I gave your bike for repair…”, then he looked at his watch and said, “Ok, sir I’ll come later… we can talk more about it… take care”, he left.

Vijay looked at Abhignya side. She looked worried and he can see tears in her eyes. He asked her to sit.

She came close to him and took his hand and pressed it.

“Please… don’t do this kind of stunts again… you are hurting many people here”, she said in anger and wiping her tears.

He smiled and said, “Few days back you are in the hospital, now it turned up-side down”.

“I wished, I would have been in your place”, she said. And she continued, “So! How did it happen? Is that part of that murder investigation?

You know… your photo came in newspaper… they described you as a brave police officer… now so many people would have become your fans”

“Oh! Then it is difficult for me to walk on roads as many people would recognize me”, he laughed.

“Why do you want to continue on this case … I’m feeling it is dangerous to continue investigate this case… please handover to someone else…” she said.

“You told exactly what I was thinking. I’ve been telling him to quit this job, but he never listens to me. At least ask him, not to investigate this case”, Vijay’s mother grumbled while entering room.

Abhignya got up from her chair as she saw his mother and wished her. Vijay introduced her as she is studying in PES College and he met her during this case investigation.

Vijay's mother smiled at him and said,”I already know her and she came today morning to visit you when you were unconscious”

They had a chat for some time then,

Abhignya said, “Aunty… I have to leave now. Take care Vijay”, and she was about to leave the room.

Vijay’s mother held her hand and said, “Come home one day”.

She smiled and said, ”Sure aunty”

Once she left, “I was surprised when she came to see you. She is a nice girl Vijay. Bring her to home one day ok”, she said.

Vijay smiled and nodded. And he knew that was a green signal from his mother. Who knows him better than his mother?

It took nearly two weeks for Vijay to recover from the accident. Meanwhile, Vijay’s mother didn’t allow any police officer to discuss about the case. Veeraya and his family came to see him. Vijay’s superior officers also visited him. They had asked him, whether it was ok, if someone would take up this case. However, he refused for that. News reporters came few times to take his interview and gathered his progress in the case.

The case created too much sensation in Bangalore and people started discussing about it. Especially, this created a buzz in IT sector. IT guys were doing betting in online forums discussing who might be the killer.

Abhignya visited him daily and helped his mother until he recovered fully. Meanwhile Sunil collected Meghana's call details with the information of the caller. He was eagerly waiting for Vijay's return to the station…


They all stood up and applauded as Vijay entered the station, and in chorus they said,

“Welcome back Sir”, Vijay smiled at them and said, “Thank you “and sat in his chair.

Sunil came near him and said, “Sir, we tried to locate the Allush, but it looks like he escaped to Andhra Pradesh. We informed to AP police and they are trying to catch him…”,

“Hmm…” Vijay shook his head.

“One more thing sir, we got the caller details. So in her mobile, “X” means Allush, I think she named “X” becoz he was her X-Lover.

And the guy ‘James’, who messaged her was her boss.

As per that SMS, it looks like he was in that pub along with her”, Sunil said by giving the call detail papers to him.

“What?” Vijay frowned as he didn’t expect that.

“We tried to contact him, but after her death, he moved to Mumbai. We didn’t know why he left to Mumbai. May be that was coincidence.

When we enquired few people, they didn’t have good opinion on him as he harassed many of his female colleagues… So we got a suspicion on him”, Sunil said.

“What is going-on? So many suspects are identified in Meghana’s case. Why the hell, he wanted to move to Mumbai after her death? Why Meghana’s friend, Rani, didn’t tell that her boss was in pub? Had he done something? If he had done something, why Allush ran away after seeing me? Why Meghana’s uncle, didn’t tell about Meghana’s X-Lover? Why did he hide that information? Who is the real killer?” his head heated with these thoughts and he wished, he would have continued in the hospital for few more days.

( Too close to the end ... )